[HSH] Cat A - Sulfur Moon Hideout

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The android bounty hunter known as Zero uses an abandoned observation post on a remote sulfur moon as his hideout. The conditions are unfriendly to biological life forms, but that suits Zero just fine.


main_view by chbenito, on Flickr

The tiny bunker once housed some kind of observation post and communication relay, left behind by a lost civilization. The conditions are spartan, but there is room for a rack of weapons, a computer core, and a comfortable chair, so that Zero can sit and contemplate the desolate landscape.


interior by chbenito, on Flickr

Zero's ship, Death Spiral, sits on a tiny landing platform beside the bunker. The surface around the bunker is littered with the decayed corpses of his enemies. The hideous display warns off the casually curious.


above_1 by chbenito, on Flickr

There are a few more photos over on my Flickr account. Enjoy!

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