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LDD Moc Blake's 7 Scorpio Spaceship

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Hi, over the last two years I have been designing a new Lego spaceship in LDD 4.3, the Lego model is based on Scorpio from Blake's 7 which was a British Science Fiction series which ran from 1978 to 1981, due to the limits of Lego It is a 80 % accurate, the roof lifts off to reveal the hidden flight deck.

The model is 163 studs long, 70 studs wide, 42 studs high ( 50 inches long, 22 inches wide, 12 inches high ), and has 11,981 pieces of Lego

Currently redesigning the LDD Lego Scorpio Model to use less slopes and more SNOT Techniques.


A side view of Scorpio


A rear side view of Scorpio showing the engines


The rear of Scorpio, with the two engines


The Original Scorpio Model made for the Blake's 7 Series


The View behind the transparent Lego revealing the mounting sockets for the custom light units which will be fitted into the built model


View of the hidden apartment for the battary box, wiring and the two push to make switches


The Front of the custom Lego Switches


Rear view of the custom Lego Switch which two small push to make switches will be glued on to the bricks


Side view of the Lego Scorpio


View of main hatch closed


View of main hatch open


A view of one of the three weapon systems, with the other twin on the other side of the ship


View of the Lego LDD Scorpio legs down


View of the Lego LDD Scorpio legs up


A view of the third weapon mounted under the hull of Scorpio


A view of the top of the LDD Lego Scorpio


A close view of the Radar Dish on the Lego LDD Scorpio


A another view of the original Model of Scorpio for the Blake's 7 series


Scorpio in Space



A view of the flight deck with some stair which lead to the upper area and the entrance hatch


A view of the flight deck in the Lego LDD Scorpio including the teleport area and front screen


The flight deck of Scorpio from Blake's 7


A another view of the flight deck of Scorpio from Blake's 7


A view of the flight deck inside the Scorpio showing Slave (Scorpio's Ship Computer) and some of the middle section of the flight deck


A view showing Slave (Scorpio's Ship Computer)


Lego Clip Guns ( Chromed Star Wars Blasters), When I start building Scorpio enventually I will custom alter the Blasters to resemble Blake's 7 Clip Guns


Blake's 7 Clip Guns


View of the Lego Minifigure version of Vila, which will be a custom painted Minfigure


View of Vila on Scorpio played by Michael Keating


View of the Lego Minifigure version of Dayna, which will be a custom painted Minfigure


View of Dayna on Scorpio played by Josette Simon


View of the Lego Minifigure version of Soolin, which will be a custom painted Minfigure


View of Soolin on Scorpio played by Glynis Barber


View of the Lego Minifigure version of Tarrant, which will be a custom painted Minfigure


View of Tarrent on Scorpio played by Steven Pacey


View of the Lego Minifigure version of Avon, which will be a custom painted Minfigure


View of Avon on Scorpio played by Paul Darrow


View of Lego version of Orac (Super Computer)


Orac in Blake's 7


The assembled Minifigure crew of Scorpio


Close up of the LDD Lego Scorpio Crew


The crew of Scopio in Blake's 7


The yellow stripe added to the LDD Lego Scorpio


One of the recesses showing some pipes

Just finished the rebuild of the new version of my LDD Lego Blake's 7 Scorpio Model, so far the rebuild includes just the front section


A front view of the rebuilt front section of the LDD Lego Blake's 7 Scorpio


A back view of the rebuilt front section of the LDD Lego Blake's 7 Scorpio

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This is a good start, as you've really captured the shape of the ship, and I like the opening doors! Also, the interior looks nice and very playable. However, it's a little bit boring to look at and there are definitely ways in which it can be improved.


The top view you posted shows there's much more to the ship, even colour-wise, than just orange. First off, to me, the ship has a stripe in a light yellowish or orange colour - you could probably incorporate this easily by changing the colours of some of the slopes that make up the Scorpio's hull.

Also, there are recessed areas with exposed pipes and other mechanical details, which aren't in the model - these are the textures that make the ship interesting subject matter. You could build in these greebles by removing some of the slopes and perhaps putting in SNOT panels on hinges. You could certainly do it lots of other ways.

How many pieces does it have? It looks huge. Good luck when you build it actual bricks!

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Impressive scale model of a cool ship from a cool show. I was wondering if you had considered using SNOT panels for some of the surfaces instead of stepped slopes? For one thing - it's easier to add greebled sections to snot panels - allowing you to control the texture of the surfaces rather than having it dictated by the slope bricks. It could also potentially require fewer bricks making the model cheaper and lighter. Anyway - good luck with the build. Looking forward to seeing the finished ship.

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Love Blake's 7! Next to Dr Who it was one of my childhood favourites :) I think you've done a great job so far - the exterior is impressive enough, but to have a to scale bridge as well? ! I agree that you might have better luck on the exterior with SNOT plates - it might be easier to attain those more difficult angles - Take a look over at the Star Wars forum at Imperial Star Destroyers, they are a similar shape and will give you an idea of the techniques involved. In fact check out for the official sets instructions for real in depth info :)

Good luck, can't wait to see this in "real" bricks!


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After my initial test, decided to redesign the sloping section so it is longer and higher (3x), in order to add the the middle and rear sections on top, but have been having trouble with the new section, as the panel will not go down all the way like it did when it was smaller length, the difference between the two the redesign is 216 studs in length and the section for the initial test was 76 studs in length.

The is a gap of 1 brick high between the hinged section and the base, while in the smaller version, there is a very slight gap of halve a plate in height.


The new section with the brick high gap at the front.


The original section for the initial test with a slight gap at the front.


A wider view of the new section


A wider view of the original section

Unless I can solve this problem, I might have to abandon the snot version and use slopes and try to add more detail somehow

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very good,Still have to add more fixtures and fitting like pipes on the slope near the radar dish.thanks48.gif

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