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[LDD MOC] Van with wipers

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As my last MOC (one-and-a-half MOCs, to be precise) was a SUV and not a sport car, and neither is this one, it's safe to say I'm taking a break at building sport cars :classic: However, as with some of those cars, this MOC is basically a shell for an idea I had - a minifig-scale car with windscreen wipers. The wipers I came up with turned out rather bulky, so the car had to be rather big as well, hence the van. Obviously, building in LDD sets certain limitations, so I'm actually quite curious whether any of you built or seen minifig-scale cars with wipers. Anyway, here's a link to the .lxf. Once again no renders - the model is rather straightforward and definitely visually unimpressive :classic:




Comments are most welcome

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yeah i like that. i've been tempted to use the small antenna as wipers but on my trucks i'm using that 4x6 hood plate and i didn't like how they stuck up so much, but here the base would hide nicely and you could fit two.

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