[SoNE Freebuild] Hoth - Experimental Planetary Patrol Fighter

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Tie pilot Goatm An 461 reports to Hoth to test fly a new planetary patrol fighter developed by a bored Colonel unlucky enough to be stationed there.


The fighter has been loaded with a ridiculous amount of forward facing weapons.


The primary purpose of the fighter is to target landing craft upon entering the atmosphere and only rarely take on targets above the stratosphere.


Goatm's assessment: its a suicide fighter and he will have no interest in flying it. With the on board systems dedicated almost exclusively to those forward facing weapons, little attention was paid to the maneuverability of the fighter, thus, no defensive capabilities. If it were up to Goatm, this project would be left in the hands of the ground forces, our pilots are crazy enough as it is.

I would like this freebuild to be judged during the SoNE IV episode, please.

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Um ... I hate to break this to you, Goatm An 461, but Hoth is actually open to the Rebels, not us. I notified Brickdoctor of that about a month ago, and he said he was going to update it ... sometime. But since he hasn't gotten to it yet, my guess is that this is a legal freebuild and can be scored; still, I'm not the expert on SoNE rules.

About the build? Pretty good! I love that hose assembly in the cockpit. The ship does look pretty imposing, from the front anyway. And the the sloping and sculpting of the snow is great. But why is an Imperial fighter colored white and red? After the Clone Wars, the Empire painted all their Venators and Acclamators gray, and while some of their craft are white (landing craft, for instance), they don't use red except in connection with certain classes of important Imperial officials and elite troops. To me, this ship looks a bit more like a captured Rebel fighter.

And those exhaust manifolds are a bit odd. I don't remember seeing any Star Wars weapons with curved barrels before ... :wink:

But still, great. The posing of the minifigures is excellent without being elaborate, and the scene is well built. I suppose that, given some considerations I can't discuss here ( :wink:) we can forgive the use of so much white in this freebuild. :sweet:

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why is an Imperial fighter colored white and red?

My thought is that if you are building prototypes you just use whatever is lying around, on Hoth that would be abandoned/damaged Rebel tech/scrap/whatever. I wanted to throw in some orange to make it look like it had snowspeeder parts, but I didn't find the right places to use it.

Hopefully it's a legal build. I didn't think much of it since the Rebels got routed out of Hoth in Empire.

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Wow, great to have you on our side!

There's a lot of good stuff going on in this build. The fighter/suicide ride looks great to begin with. Yes, the colors are a bit weird, but the design is nice with the angled wing, the greebles and especially the variety in guns. Great to see you didn't take the easy way and made all your guns different, and paid a lot of attention to detail. I like the hoses for the pilot to plug into and the skis for landing. That all makes sense on Hoth (or any other planet that happens to have a polar area and that is in Empirial hands... :wink: ).

The small piece of hangar bay is decent as well. Nothing revolutionary going on with the ice (have a look at Legonardo's rockwork, and you'll know what I mean), but the base looks good because of the nice details (those on the ceiling are especially nice) and the practical things laying around.

I would say: well done! The only thing that's a bit distracting are the bare plates on the ceiling. those big shapes don't go well with what you did at the base, and it's a pitty for such a nice build. I'm gladly awaiting more ships, bases and who knows what else from you! No pressure though :grin:

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The ship might be a bit too white and red for the Empire, but being a prototype, explains it. It is really well made and I like the general shape of it. The details of it are also nice. The cave part does the job, though I think that the plates on the top should somehow be connected to not give the too much scattered effect. It'd also be nice, if the cave had the floor under the ship. If you don't have enough bricks, don't go too big and try with some smaller MOCs which is a really nice opportunity to try out some more detailed builds ...

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