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Middle-Earth Madness - Mûmakil Stampede vs Warg Battle Pack [Week 16]

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This is sixteenth week of Middle-Earth Madness. Mûmakil Stampede still dominates the field, but can it continue it's reign?

If you had to pick only one Dream set, which would it be?

Mûmakil Stampede


Warg Battle Pack

Just like last week, these are dream sets so there is no hard or fast rule on what has to be included in either. Imagine you had a chance to greenlight just one LEGO Lord of the Rings set based on a simple description. Which one would you want?

Summary from previous weeks:

Week 15 - Mûmakil tramples the Dead Marshes 19 to 0

Week 14 - Mûmakil defeats Ruins of Osgiliath 12 to 8

Week 13 - Ruins of Osgiliath beats Bridge of Khazad-Dum 12 to 8

Week 12 - Ruins of Osgiliath defeats Edoras 19 to 12

Week 11 - Ruins of Osgiliath defeats Minas Morgul 25 to 7

Week 10 - Minas Morgul flattens Fangorn Forest 29 to 1

Week 9 - Minas Morgul smashes the Gray Havens 30 to 5

Week 8 - Minas Morgul routes the Modor Battle Pack 25 to 16

Week 7 - Modor Battle Pack defeats Amon Hen 27 to 7

Week 6 - Modor Battle Pack defeats Lothlórien 24 to 14

Week 5 - Lothlórien defeats Prancing Pony 23 to 13

Week 4 - Lothlórien crashes Mount Doom 35 to 5

Week 3 - Mount Doom defeats the Rohan Battle Pack 14 to 11

Week 2 - Rohan Battle Pack defeats the Watcher in the Water 14 to 7

Week 1 - Rohan Battle Pack defeats The Green Dragon 23 to 4.

Have a Dream Set to nominate? Do so in this thread. I still have a few sets to go.

[Moderators, can you convert this thread into a poll please?]

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Personally I have enough wargs after buying multiples of the existing sets :wink: , some new Orc designs for the riders would be nice but it all pales in comparison to having an official Mumakil!!

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Tan & dark tan coloured wargs, thanks. Better than spray painting all my white ones.

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I vote for the Wargs as well. I cannot see myself building an army of Easterlings. But the Warg Battle Pack could include Hama and offer more variety to the Rohan.

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i will vote for the mumakil, since they look cool, and we had enough warts in previous seres, also easterling armor looks super awesome

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