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MOC: A superhero story

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I posted my first superhero MOC in the licensed forum, as it seemed the best fit for superhero stuff, but as it has developed into a non-licensed world with original characters I'm posting this one here.

This was originally intended to be the 'secret lair' of my batman-type character 'NightKnite', however I soon realised I'd need to build something much bigger to do the character justice. So I changed the backstory and made this a smaller 'hobby room'. The other character featured is 'Hawk Owl' a wolverine-type vigilante.


A Visitor by andhe :-), on Flickr


Lab details by andhe :-), on Flickr

Full story on flickr for those that are interested.

Built for League of Lego Heroes

~ suit up, sign up.

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who makes those Night Sticks andhe?

The night sticks are from (on bricklink). I've not quite worked out whether they make them, or take them from a clone brand. Either way they're pretty neat, and the service is quick. They do a whole load of military/police equipment.

Thanks for viewing.

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