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Mark of Falworth

The 2nd Battle of Devil's pass.

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My latest build for what was formerly known as LCC. (Now LoR) :wink:

Full story (And eventually more pictures) on Flickr.

Or, if you're lazy and don't want to follow the link, here's the full story. :laugh:

The horde of loathsome Outlaws had gained even greater numbers than before! The evil baron of the queen, Mathieux Deschamps, deemed the extra reinforcements necessary if he was to fully subjugate the unruly, rebellious Loreesi to their ever-patient sovereign.

They had just crossed into the area traditionally claimed as the border of Loreos, when they heard a low rumble, not from their own feet. The entire force stopped in consternation. Then suddenly, the banner of the old King appeared over the next rise of sand dunes! Then a rider on horseback... No, a knight! The gleam of armor could be seen!

Then more and more knights! Hundreds! Thousands!

The horde of Outlaws was utterly shocked to see a enormous army of the terrible armored knights of Loreos arrayed before them!

It was then the Outlaws began to seriously question their leader's leadership abilities...

"Baron! You said the Loreesi armies were disbanded!!"

The Baron's eyes widened in terror.

"They are!! Or they should be!!"

"Well I see a big un-disbanded army there! What are we going to do!?"

"We'll fight them, you cowards! They are the rebels now!"

"Wait a minute there! We didn't sign up for an even battle with armored lancers! You promised us lots of plunder and booty with little or no danger!"

As the arguments of the Outlaw soldiers and their leader escalated, the Loreesi leader strode forward.


One of the Outlaws recognized the man whose voice had just echoed over the battlefield. The perfect hair! The ever-present grin! The famous emblem on his shield! It could be none other than the "Bane of all Outlaws"!


Stunned silence hung in the air.

Then the Outlaws all simultaneously cried-


"B-But, we killed him!"

"No, the dragon got 'em!"

The Baron was just as confused as his men.

"No! No! I killed him with a boulder!"

The Loreesi knight called out again.


One of the Outlaws nudged the Baron.

"Well Mathieux? Aren't you goin to talk to em?"

"NO I'm not going to talk to him! It's probably a trap!"

One of the biggest outlaw warriors rebuked the baron.

Oh, you're going to talk to him! Unless you want us to hand you over to the Loreesi as a plea bargain!

A chorus of assent ran through the Outlaw army. Mathieux had no other choice.

The evil baron rode out to meet the Loreesi leader.

Mathieux Deschamps had seen Mark of Falworth several times before, and there was no question in his mind that this was the real Mark of Falworth.

The happy grin was a dozen times more terrifying than usual.

Mathieux, despite being almost lost for words, was the first to speak.

"How?..... How could you be?..."

"Alive? Haha!"

"The dragon they speak of....?"

"He mussed up my hair. So I had to kill him."

The baron swallowed hard.

"You can never win, Mathieux.

You're doomed to failure!"

"Is that so?"

"It's an absolute certainty, I'm afraid."

"And why is that, Mark?"

"You've made me your enemy! and now I've come for you and all who would stand by you!"

"Well I hate to disappoint you. But my army is still larger then yours! You won't be able to stop us!"

"Your ugly rabble could hardly stand a good strong breeze, let alone the mightiest warriors in the world! These knights have marched to the gates of Stonewald and back! They've trained all their lives for war, and have been battling ever since! You have no chance whatsoever!"

"A fine speech! But it will do you no good! In the name of the gracious queen I demand you to surrender! Or I declare you a Rebel and an Outlaw!"

"In the name of justice I demand you to surrender!"

"Bah! You and your "Justice" are the scourge of the land!"

"Likewise. Now, surrender unconditionally or suffer the consequences!"

"Never! You'll have to kill me before I surrender to you dogs!"

"Good! Now I shall have the distinct pleasure of destroying you utterly, you beslubbering beef-witted coxcomb!"

And with that, each went back to his force. The charge was sounded and the battle began!


To be continued!

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Amazing! All the minifigures look unique and wonderful. The story was an interesting read as well. Also nice use of the Queen Anne's Revenge flag, fits the evil faction well.

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Huge enemy armies and beautiful landscaping, also nice effect using harsh lighting. :wink:

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Great build, and the story's hilarious! Love some of those lines! :laugh:

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