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1930's style Wolfpack Military vehicles

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The whole Military setup including:

-Two Transport Trucks

-Flying Wing

-General's Car

-Gasoline tanker

-Airport tractor with two carts

-Jungle Cutter


When Indiana Jones set #7683's pictures was first leaked in dark grays, I was impressed... but then they went and changed it to dark green in the final, released version. Well, now I changed it back! I removed the unavailable parts, turned the regular green and dark green to light and Dark bluish gray. The cockpit is no longer hinged, making it much stronger, plus the rear guns no longer swivel, eliminating that weak point. The cockpit is supposed to be the Star Wars Jedi star fighter one (dark-bluish gray-print-on -transparent-black part)


The General's car and a gasoline tanker. The tanker is a almost stock 7638, but with some minor upgrades and better color choices. The car is a modified 7622, Race for the Stolen Treasure.


These are made from 7622, Race for the Stolen Treasure. Since the fabric part is so VERY expensive, I found a solution in the Eurobricks Official sets LDD topic. I took the cover from the trucks built by user ADHO15 and redid some portions to be cheaper (I.E. thinner tires) and better coordinated color-wise.


I bought the original set 7626 (Jungle cutter) in Summer 2008. I wanted to make it it in dark gray to match my two trucks but gave up after trying to order the parts from Lego. (I didn't know about Bricklink at that time) Well, now the shoe is on other other foot and here it is, in full grayish glory!


A Airport tow truck / tractor, featuring a mobile stair case and tool cart. Redesigned from the dark blue tractor in set 7628 Peril in Peru.

I got the next two creations' LDD files back in 2011 from my Brother. He didn't built them, and can't remember where he got them. I have since remade the battleship three times and the sub twice.


Here is HMS Timberwolf (the battleship )and the HMS Gray Ghost. (the submarine)


The battleship features four guns and a two smokestacks, while the submarine has two propellers and is almost 100% built sideways.


...and yes, the guns do rotate!


These airplanes are modified and recolored versions of set #6745. (Propeller power) They are now fighter planes.


This symbol goes on the battleship on a flagpole.


This one goes on the submarine.

The wolves from Legends of Chima are going to run these ships.


Wakz will be the venerable Admiral of the Fleet, and Commander of the battleship. (known as the Timberwolf)


While Winzar is the slightly unhinged captain of the submarine. (called the Gray Ghost)


Wilhurt will be the Commander of the Ground forces, such as the trucks and assorted vehicles. (Man this guy looks creepy!)


Windra commands the Air forces.


while the overall commander of the military and the Empire of the Moon will be Worriz.

This theme will be called the Wolfpack... and no, this isn't the Castle sub-theme!

(By the way: These last seven pictures are from Bricklink!)

LDD file for all that is in this thread:

Comments, Questions, & Critics welcome!

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I concur with Eurotrash: I'm really digging the sub; it's as smooth as it should be. Would look great on a desk as well :wink:

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I have added a new main pic and the fighter airplanes, plus a new LDD file for the whole setup.


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