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1930's Wolfpack Battleship & Submarine

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Before I start, here is some background info: I got the LDD files for these ships back in 2011 from my Brother. He didn't built them, and can't remember where he got them. I have since remade the battleship three times and the sub twice.


Here is HMS Timberwolf (the battleship )and the HMS Gray Ghost. (the submarine)


The battleship features four guns and a two smokestacks, while the submarine has two propellers and is almost 100% built sideways.


...and yes, the guns do rotate!


This symbol goes on the battleship on a flagpole.


This one goes on the submarine.

The wolves from Legends of Chima are going to run these ships.


Wakz will be the venerable Captain of the Battleship. (known as the Timberwolf)


While Winzar is the slightly unhinged captain of the submarine. (called the Gray Ghost)

This fleet will be called the Wolfpack... and no, this isn't the entire fleet!

(By the way: These last four pictures are from Bricklink!)

LDD file for all that is in the main pic: http://www.mocpages....1395667879m.lxf

Comments, Questions, & Critics welcome!

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Now this is different for you 'Murdoch17', but I do like the ships.......hope that someone does brick build them......Brick On LDD On 'Murdoch17' ! :grin:

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Maybe, just maybe, I might build them... someday.

I'll put it on my waiting list...

It kinda goes with these...


I also want them!

EDIT: will the moderator please close this thread? I have made another one containing all of the wolfpack creations. (Link here: )

Thank you.

Edited by Murdoch17

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