BW Coming to Tampa this Fall

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Hey everyone,

I am sorry to tell you that this video announcement has a lot of the facts wrong about Brickworld Tampa.

Brickworld Tampa is an exhibition only with displays by invitation. It is not a convention like Chicago. It is like our Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Lafayette events (if you have been to any of those).

If you want to be invited to display, it would help greatly for me to see your display or for GFLUG or OLUG to endorse you as a displayer for the event. We will be inviting people officially sometime in the July time frame.

If you are wondering why we aren't doing a full convention in Tampa, here is the short answer. We do one convention and we do it right. It is in Chicago. :) We hope that you have an opportunity to attend in Chicago if you haven't already as it is a ton of fun.

We hope you are all as excited about the show in Tampa as we are and as the Florida LUGs are.

Thanks, Bryan

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