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Wretched Stare and his Computer Desk

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Hi all reading. I'm gonna try something a little different today. Here's my latest revamp of a MOC I've had for a while,


Instead of of linking to the many photos I have posted on

Flickr, I grabbed the photo collage I posted on Deviantart and will be posting that. The clickthrough link on the photo will also take you to Deviantart.

This is an update for both Wretched himself, the computers, desk. and all the other accessories he previously had. The only things to remain the same are his little desk fan, and the action figure collection(not much I could do about those really) There are also a few notable additions to Wretched's Arsenal of PC Gaming and Hacking nirvana.

Added features:

Head set.

Wretched-Bones(AKA Greg) once told me that he practically lives in his headphones, so comfortable ones are needed for him. This inspired me to include a head set for Wretched.

Coffee Mug(more like oil drum ) Complete with coffee in it. It spilled when he freaked out about his desk top crashing.

Dual Mini-Fridges.

This was a feature I wanted to add to the first iteration of Wretched's actual desk (not counting that puny thing I made for him at first). Inside the top fridge are some energy drinks. These are the canisters that used to be on Wretched's belt, which I did away with because it felt more in the way than useful now that he's got a Mini Fridge and new weapons. The bottom fridge has some kind of "Xtreme" snacks. :shrug: Yay using printed tiles.


Pretty much any PC user needs a printer at some point for something. So I felt his desk wouldn't be complete without one. I wasn't just content with a printer, that would have been to simple for Wretched. Everything he owns is upper class high tech. So he needed at least a <i>printer/scanner</i>. Considering how big this desk is, I'm surprised at the fact this is the most SNOTy part of the build. It was a bit of a technical challenge getting something that looked right, didn't look too blocky or bulky, but also worked. Sadly, paper could go through it but only if its 2 studs wide, though it looks as though it should handle 4 studs wide. Oh well still looks awesome in my opinion.

Desk Drawer.

Something I first did on Matteo's Desk, but expanded upon with Wretched.'s. Now he has a place to keep his rocket Launcher. :laugh:

Dual Wielded "Data Blades."

I decided that butter knife I gave Wretched before wasn't acceptable now that he's getting all these badass upgrades. So I sought out to find him a new weapon. I was initially going to go with a Hack Hammer, but this just kinda worked out for the better. Greg while a really great tech dude who knows his stuff about computers, also studied martial arts when he was younger, so he's told me his preferences for weapons are axes, hammers and daggers. Well these are too big to be daggers so they're data blades. It was daggers that inspired me to try something and the skrall blades just happened to really fit his look I think. Plus getting the color scheme in the weapons was pretty cool toMore on these in his Bio



Its kinda obvious that the desk itself is actually different. The middle section with the grated plates are from the original desk though. I thought those looked cool so I kept them.


The chair is somewhat the same as before. It was always a bit too tall for wretched so I shortened it by one round 2x2 Trans-neon-Green brick. I added some 1X2 tiles to give it some color. Then I redid the bottom rollers to be actual wheels that spin, not just black Beveled gears. It rolls a lot smoother now. You should see Wretched going WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE around my kitchen table, its quite funny. :lol:

PC tower.

With the new desk being bigger and taller that allowed for more room to have a bigger PC tower, so now its bigger and has two Disc Drives in it, how fancy. :D:D:D


Its pretty much the same exact design as before just tripled. What serious gamer doesn't have at least a gagillion monitors? Greg does.


Moved some things around to try and make it look like it'd be back lit.


It has a mouse pad now, nothing special, just something to add a little more color to the desk.


Mostly the same but now they're mounted on the shelf


I reworked the Laptop on both sides. Its now running Windows8, and like any sane being with half a brain...Wretched hates it. This was actually Greg's idea. When I told him I didn't like the way I did the computer screen using printed tiles, he suggested the basic colored square thing. Which was genius(Go Greg)



Wretched Stare is a member of the

Skakdi race. Wretched is perhaps one of the tamer of the Skakdi, but that's not saying much. He can still be characterized as "quite prickly." Wretched spends 90% of his time in doors at his computers and other technological devices. Even amongst the Skakdi he's a bit of an oddball. He plays games and sits in a dark room in front of screens instead of fighting and doing the many various malicious things Skakdi are know to do. Because of this his fellow skakdi think him odd. Once Wretched is in "manual butt kick mode" as he calls it he can be competent fighter, though he's not the most strong or fastest. Outside of battle he can be a bit of a bumbling goof.

Wretched-Stare utilizes his vast knowledge of technology to aid him in fighting. This can be seen mostly through his use of hi "Data Blades." These unique weapons have an energized core that can transmit bits of code into a being to disrupt it mentally and physically. The code can overload and kill weaker beings or simply paralyze stronger beings. Zakaz, the island the Skakdi live on is pretty barren with many fortresses dotting the landscape. Wretched holds up in a smaller fortress of his own employing small drones to keep a look out and fend off any intruders. When those don't work, he'll refer to his "manual butt kick mode," meaning he has to get off his butt and go take care of the problem himself. Being a Skakdi, Wretched has worked for the Dark Hunters. He joined the Dark Hunters to gain access to high grade equipment and technology since Zakaz had little to nothing to offer him.

Being skilled at identifying talent and potential, the dark hunters didn't really utilize his ability as a fighter, but exploited his wealth of knowledge with computers to help many of the other mechanically or technological savvy members develop new weapons for the Dark Hunters. Though he would never hand over the schematics for his Data Blades. This lead to some growing tension between him and some of the other Dark Hunters and a fight broke out amongst them. Many of the experiments they were working on were destroyed and Wretched ended up killing several of the participants. None of the other developers questioned his authority after that and he became the leader of the R&D department within the Dark Hunter's Guild.

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I saw the original version on MOCpages, but this blinding eyesore of awesomeness deserves compliments. After all, it's basically a ridiculously colorful mad scientist of the computer programmer variety and his workspace. What's not to like?

Oh, and while some of it seems a little too blocky for my tastes, the desk itself is excellent.

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I saw the original version on MOCpages, but this blinding eyesore of awesomeness deserves compliments. After all, it's basically a ridiculously colorful mad scientist of the computer programmer variety and his workspace. What's not to like?

Oh, and while some of it seems a little too blocky for my tastes, the desk itself is excellent.

Thank you Draik. "Blinding eyesore of awesomeness" Awwww, but yay at the same time. I, agree, the desk isn't all that good technique wise. I'm not that great of a system builder when it comes to the blocks and plates and stuff. Its pretty basic. Like I said on MOCpages, the Printer is probably the most advanced/complex thing in this entire build system wise. What might you suggest to make it not so blocky? I mean, it is a desk after all, desks are square for the most part but I imagine some cooler techniques could probably be used. I'd love to see one of those System wizards take a stab at something like this, see what they come up with. The finer points of some of that stuff is lost on me, much like what we do is a mystery to them. :P Thanks for commenting. :D

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Awesome! I love the combination of black, purple and neon green on Wretched, and the computer desk is cool.

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