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Review: 675 Snack Bar

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Snack Bar

Set #: 675

Year Released: 1979

Piece Count: 64

Minifigs: 2

RRP: unknown?

First shot at a review, starting with a set older than me; I give you 675: Snack Bar.

I picked this up on ebay for under $10, and whilst hardly MISB it did come with a B, so lets start there.

Looking at the front, you see a nice detail shot of the set on a fairly dull grey/blue background. the Lego logo sits large in the top right corner, and rather than the corner stripe of later sets the Legoland inscription sits on a yellow flap with two holes from which the set would long ago have hung in the toy store.


Moving to the back, we see a number of alternate builds, unsurprisingly all Snack Bars:


The end of the box shows a slightly different pose of figures than the front and you can spot the perforated finger flap through which entry to the box is gained (I'll skip the bottom of the box as it is much the same, and the other end was missing so I'll skip that too!):


The Minifigs

We have two nice minifigs, with some simple front torso printing. A Chef and a smartly dressed customer, unfortunately I was missing the 70's hair for the customer so had to replace it with an 80's piece. The minifig heads are the early type with solid stud an extra thick printing, but still look very smart after many years:


The parts

Quite a few interesting bits here, a printed 'snack bar' brick, 'snack bar' signpost, 2 printed ice lolly bricks a pine tree and a small (8x16) green base:


The rest are basically white bricks with a pair of red and yellow 1x1 rounds for ketchup/mustard (sorry no photo).

The Instructions

The instructions fold out to be around 16 inches long, with half of this length repeating the box art and showing off the other Lego town sets in a nice diorama (note the complete lack of a consistent scale!):


Here is a shot from the actual build, which is a mere 9 steps on a plain white background, with no part callouts and one perspective throughout the first 5 steps despite requiring detail to be built behind the walls! The construction is pretty simple though, so as long as you pay attention is goes together quickly.


No 1x2x2 or 1x1x5s in those days to simplify things though; also note the unusual plate construction of what is effectively a 1x10 brick (maybe these weren't available in 79 either?)

The Build

As mentioned above, the construction is fairly simple, although the shelf and cash register are somewhat unsupported and during assembly (and no doubt play) are pretty easy to break off:


Which quickly becomes:


However once you have re-attached it, and finished the final steps you have a charming little snack bar to adorn your Lego sporting venues, laybys and other events. Here our customer stops stops in for a coffee taking a break from a long drive:


He would like some food but the chef can only apologise as, although he has plenty of ketchup/mustard, he has no food or even a stove to cook any on! This is unfortunately the missing 'play feature' of this set, I guess you just have to imagine or build yourself a kitchen onto the open back. I was also slightly disappointed that the cash register had no printing, nor did the white 2x2 which serves as a menu. Still at least there are no stickers!

Here you see the back of the shop, our customer has just pointed out he was lucky to find the place, and the chef rushes off realising he forgot to put out the signs:


Whew, just in time to catch another customer:


The Verdict

I never owned this set as a child so have no sentimental attachment to it, but it definately exudes that 'classic town' feel so many of us AFOLs get misty eyed over.

Build: The build is very basic, though made more challenging by the instructions: 6

Parts: The printed parts are brilliant, especially the signpost. The tree is also a welcome inclusion: 8

Figures: For the time very good, you can always swap in Gordon Zola if you wan't to bring the set more up to date: 7

Playability: Though there are few specific play features with a little imagination this set would have a lot of play value: 8

Overall: This is definitely one where the whole is greater than the some of the parts. The building is well proportioned to the minifigs and has the wonderful, gambling-with-ones-health, kind of charm you find in many British roadside establishments. It is also eminently MOC-able, in fact I have no doubt a derivative of this snack bar will be turning up on my train station platform pretty soon. So overall an 8

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Thanks for the review 'woofmcmoose'......sentimental bet as I had one as a child when it was first released. :wub:

It totally has that classic town vibe to it....though funny it has coffee cups but no coffee machine......well these days it's a must that almost every city set has a coffee machine. :laugh:

Again thanks 'woofmcmoose' for the flashback, it put a smile on my face.....Brick On Review On ! :sweet:

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Wow, I used to have that red car!

I really like those classic sets, it brings me back to long days spent over lego catalogs ;)

Simple design, but good and useful selection of bricks as well in this little set.

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Thanks for this review of a set that I had as a child :cry_happy:

And for pointing out those different inconsistencies, although nothing beats a space craft with a steering wheel :laugh:

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just yesterday I was looking at getting one :) nice review woofmcmoose, (you could join the Reviewers Academy as a student of course)

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Ah, and again I'm strolling along memory laneā€¦ Had this set as a kid, fond memories of it!

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I've had this set too! This is one of those retro sets i would like to have again, since my parents gave away (yes you are reading correctly) the lego's we had at home because we were all adults.

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