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Greetings from Canada

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Hello everyone. What a nice forum you have going here. I've been reading and learning lots and I've made a couple posts. It looks like I'm going to be a regular here now so I thought I'd make a post here.

So I was into Lego as a kid, but I never felt like I had enough. I've felt the draw to Lego over my adult years, but always said I'd wait until I have kids. I have twins that are just turning 5 and they are finally wold enough to embrace Lego. I've been trying every six months or so for the last two years, but they were having some trouble with the pieces. When I tried about six months ago, they were so close. I saw the Lego movie came out, it was perfect timing. A few weeks ago I took them to see the movie and then we went directly home and we started building.

So since then I've been buying up used mixed lego and buying from brick wall and a mixed set of blocks. I've sorted all my Lego. I'm going to buy all the Lego they can handle. (over time)

My involvement in Lego will be in two ways. One to play with the boys and we will each build or own little one day projects. And two, to build MOCs, mostly in the medieval/castle style. The boys will be involved with the MOC and I'm sure they will love it. But I'll be the one in charge of the project. I have bought a bunch of grey bricks from pick a brick, and I bought a Helm Deep set fort parts. And some small older medieval sets from kijiji (local classifieds). I'll be buying more LOTR and hopefully more older medieval sets as time goes on as well.

So yea, I'm loving it, I'm on Lego overload lol

Loving all the ideas and all the Lego talk in these forums.


P.S. Any Lego conventions in Toronto area that anyone knows about?

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