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[pid][/pid] LDD/MLCad 12A

I just started using LEGO Digital Designer and wanted to try to make something new but with some classic touches.

I started by trying my hand at creating an updated version of 6274: Caribbean Clipper using modern methods and parts.

I wouldn't consider this "original work" per se as it's more a modification of several different parts of other ships than anything else

But I think the result is nice and thought I'd share.

The components of the ship include:

Obviously, I've also made color changes here and there and for the sake of getting some sort of a representation of sails - I've "borrowed" the sails from BBQQQ's LDD Pirate Ship Sail Parts (Brick-Built) post.

Here are a few pics...

The main view:


Front view:


Rear view:


Deck and Top of Bow:


UPDATE: I've updated the pictures above and am adding the download for the .lxf.

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Hey! Nice ship! I like all the various modifications from different sets spread throughout the build. It's a really cool mashing of various sets. I don't really like the swords on the back, or the yellow though. It looks a bit awkward. Maybe if you threw some blue in there? Other than that, it looks good!

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I really like your approach to a new CC design. It's an elegant mix of classic features and new ideas. For the colors, however, I agree with what's been said before. To be honest, I find it quite difficult to come up with a made over color scheme for the Bluecoats, based on (dark) blue, that doesn't become too dark, or look too much like the 2009 Redcoats'...

Anyway, good job and keep it up!


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Seems modding the CC and making it bigger in LDD is becoming a small trend on the forum! pirate_laugh2.gif

The ship certainly has a size upgrade! She's so big the name will have to change pirate_wink.gif . I like how you have taken the modern sets and applied them to an old classic. I feel however it is more a conversion of the Imperial Flagship into a Blue Coats ship, and it is very striking and imposing!

I do agree with some of the above posts, the colours seem somehow mixed. (an issue with all the great new colours we have!)

If (and I stress IF) you want of the classic look I would avoid the use of tan and decrease the white on the cannon ports to one "level" of bricks and also add more blue to the cabin area replacing the use of most of the brown.

Is there any plans to make this in real bricks?

Looking forward to seeing your proposed updates!


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Brilliant model. Any chance for the lxf file?

I've updated the original post to include the .lxf.

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I agree with the white around the cannon ports. But I rather like the use of tan. It seems to blend in okay with the yellow. I understand the importance of using yellow here.

I like the overall look. Very fitting and impressive. I just re-built my CC a few weeks ago for a LEGO show we had and I had a lot of fun doing so. I would love to recreate something like this for them though. They definitely deserve something more impressive, especially considering they should have more firepower to take out the pirates as opposed to being faster to outrun them...

Thanks for the file too! I don't use LDD anymore, but I may look into it sometime in the future if I ever download the program again.

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