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76012 Batmobile V2

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Hey guys, I promised id be back again!

As you may know I said in my last MOC of the 76012 Batmobile (link to that http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=91319) I would re-do it all in black once i get the sufficient pieces. Well now i do, so enjoy!


IMG_0225[1] by LegoAO2365, on Flickr


IMG_0224[1] by LegoAO2365, on Flickr

Side view

As you can see the majority of the Batmobile is solid black, nothing much is changed..... except for the sides. i got the idea from Merc4hire95 on Flikr (his design and added it as it was much more durable and sturdier than TLG version.


IMG_0218[1] by LegoAO2365, on Flickr

Now to cockpit has changed drastically as I followed your input with adding control tiles along the sides and changing the steering.


IMG_0219[1] by LegoAO2365, on Flickr

Well that's it for now, be sure to comment and stay tuned as i have another project coming soon........


IMG_0220[1] by LegoAO2365, on Flickr


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Yeah I can see where your coming from, the orange canopy looks awesome but imo, why would the Batmobile drive around at night with a bring cockpit?

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Just noticed you replaced the steering too. Very nice touch. It maintains the overall look of the official set, but the personal touches really give it a familiar but different feel.

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Thanks, I always thought this type of steering looked more cool as opposed to sticking a steering wheel on a hinge piece, plus the shape resembles a bat as well :p

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