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[Build your dream home] Expedition Truck

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**EDIT: New images here **

This is my entry for the LDD/LDraw Contest 2014 free build category.

Since I always dreamed of traveling the world in something like this I created a LEGO version:


the roof can be lifted while the truck is parking.


The truck carries a motorbike on the back. The roof is walkable and can be used as a terrace =)


Of course it has a comfortable interiour. The truck has two bedrooms (one in the roof).


In case of a zombie apocalypse it has some flick fire missiles hidden behind the front bumper ;-).


Here is the LDD File.

Best regards


Edited by marv

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I never thought I'd say this about a motorhome, but this is awesome!

Edit: Blogged it!


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Great! I especially love the lifting functionality and the playability of this. :thumbup:

Dig the 8w/9w offset. Concerning the wheels I'd opt for smaller ones perhaps - it wouldn't lose its rugged looks anyway.

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