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Hi everybody!

I've never really been into Star Wars that much before, but after seeing the new Sandcrawler, I want to start collecting Jawa stuff. I'm going to want to build a base for the Jawas, so that they don't all have to be in ONE sandcrawler. They seem expensive, so I'll only be getting one.

Anyway, I want some advise for the base. I want an area for them to trade stuff with people, and a resting place. In the back I would like a loading dock to load stuff on and off the Sandcrawler. I would also like a resting place for the Jawas to take a nap.

The building would be on a 48x48 baseplate. I will try to keep to the earthy color tone- brown/town with some medium nougat thrown in here and there. It will be a solitary building for now, but I will leave a doorway on the side so that I can eventually add a tunnel-like thing on and add another 48x48 baseplate- but first things first. :) any ideas? Help is greatly appreciated.

Ps: does anybody know how to upload a LDD file here? I will start the basic ground plan in LDD, and want to share it. Thanks!

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I don't know a lot about jawas but I do know a little bit. They live in very high walled fortresses when they aren't traveling in their sandcrawlers. They also don't trade directly from these fortresses. Every year the jawas will go to a "swap meet" and trade goods with other jawas. The jawas also have religious and medical shamans that probably sleep separately from the normal jawas. If you want more information I'm sure there is more on Wookieepedia. Hope this helps and good luck with your base!

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