[Contest] LDD/LDraw Contest 2014 Entry Topic: Free-Build

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Welcome to the 2014 Eurobricks Digital Contest for Ldraw and LDD tools.

This years theme is to create your LEGO dream home; build any kind

of building or construction that you'd like to live in - house, cottage, bioshpere, tree house...

This is the entry topic for the free-build category

Please read the rules and post your model here.

  • One entry per member per class. You may enter one MOC in each of thee three classes (free build, microscale and rendering)
  • Entries are to be placed in the correct entry topic in this forum. Entries not in the correct entry topic are not eligible for voting.
  • You may create a separate topic for your creation in the specific theme forum (i.e not in the Digital Design forum), but you should also place your entry in the entry topic.
  • The entry post may be edited at any time up to the end of the contest, so feel free to make improvements if you wish.
  • Entries are to consist of no more than 6 posted pictures of 800x600 or smaller resolution. You may link to higher resolutions of course.
  • A little Photoshop is allowed for the picture, but only white balance, background editing etc. The model itself should remain unchanged.
  • You must share your digital file in the free build and micro-scale class. This is both to allow other people do judge your digital techniques when voting, but also to share in the spirit of the community.
  • You don't have to share the file in the rendering class. On the other hand, in the rendering class, you must (if you win) share how you did the render (it doesn't have to be a detailed guide, but some tips and tricks at least).
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow these rules.


If you want to show your model to other users and let them comment on your moc, just make a topic in the correct subforum like any other moc.

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Heres my entry topic for the freebuild contest.Hope links and pictures are allowed. My entry is a pyramid modular house complete with kitchen, a garage for your adventure vehicle, a living room with flat screen TV with surround sound and 4 chairs. There is a bedroom on top with completed with a very open and roomy balcony. Completely minifig scale friendly! So basicly its an adventurers home away from home in the middle of the desert where any type of adventure is waiting to happen. Heres the link for more pictures: In case if you dont see the downloadable file, its on my webpage at the bottom.

And a picture for refference. :grin:




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Here goes my entry...

since I always dreamed of traveling the world in something like this I created a LEGO version:


the roof can be lifted while the truck is parking.


The truck carries a motorbike on the back. The roof is walkable and can be used as a terrace =)


Of course it has a comfortable interiour. The truck has two bedrooms (one in the roof).


In case of a zombie apocalypse it has some flick fire missiles hidden behind the front bumper ;-).


Here is the LDD File.

Best regards


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My dream home is located on a cosy tropical islet somewhere way off the coast. So way off that mermaids are rumoured to live in that area...

It's built very plain and straightforward, so I focused on all the small details that make this house so lovely. This includes a bunch of CMFs courtesy of Aanchir in this thread.

From the jetty a wooden perron leeds to a big green door flanked by torches. The landing is a superb place to enjoy fishing. On the top floor is a big patio with a beautiful view. Ideal to craft some nice paintings or to gourmandise some carb bombs. The latter attract of course some seagulls, too.


On the next picture we have a closer look at the top floor (with the roof removed). It mainly consists of a large bathroom with a convenient tub. A boombox (not visible from that angle), an antique lamp as well as a feature fireplace invite to loll in the hot soapy water. You also see some grapes entwining around the outer walls and a little monkey harvesting bananas from the palm trees. And if you look very closely, you'll recognize a lepidopterist.


Here we have a look at the main floor. A butler is fetching a new bottle of wine from the cellar, while a plumber is fixing the clogged mess in the lavatory. Vis-à-vis a nerd is slurping her cocoa in front of the chimney, while her kitten is demanding attention. In the corridor, a diva is admiring her trophy, while two girls play with their pets sitting on the floor between a large TV and a bed. On the lower left corner of this floor, a small but well-equipped kitchen is located: Cooker, coffee percolator, herbages hanging from the ceiling -- only some of the details visible here.


The cellar is well-stocked with all sorts of vegetables: Different pumpkins in the corners top left and top right (next to the chicken), jalapeño peppers and a cucumber on the window sill, boxes with cherries and carrots in the middle and barrels with wine and beer in the lower right corner of the room. On the stairs you see the butler again, while outside the lepidopterist as well as a climber are visible, and also a life-guard (next to the flume).


This islet used to be a pirate hideout some 200 years ago and thus has an ample cellar, where bats and spiders live. Some remains of the pirates are still present, such as a golden sarcophagus or the skeletons. The lattice bars are rather rusty, so that the guys fetched the welding machine to repair them. The barrels with bananas are, however, fresh. So fresh that some bananas aren't even ripe.


Since only six screenshots are allowed, here is a last picture to present some of the details from another perspective.


To get a better impression of all the small details not visible in the pictures above, you may download the LDD LXF file and examine the model en detail. Please note that I didn't bother if all the parts exist in the respective colours in real life, but rather focused on the overall visual appearance. Especially crafting all the green stuff made it necessary to exploit the freedom LDD's Extended Mode offers with regards to colours. I hope I stayed within the acceptable limits.


It's pure coincidence that the part count is exactly 2014. It wasn't done on purpose. For comments and critics have a look at this thread.


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Hi everyone!

I would like to enter with my dreamhouse, or modern house as I like to call it.


Here's the original pre-rendered version


More pics of the unrendered version and of stuff you can't see here and LDD file:

Thanks for watching everyone! Feedback is appreciated :grin:

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Hi there,

I am new to this so apologies if I have done anything incorrectly.

My entry:- My House

Back view:-

I only wish my garden was as tidy as this in real life !!

Link to LDD File - http://www.brickshel...House/house.lxf

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My dreamhouse actually excists in Leiden The Netherlands, so I made a design inspired by it.

It has no interior yet, because I never design the interior digitally.




the file

the inspiration

I plan to build it next year.

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Here is my entry to the free-build contest: A postpostmodern glass architecture building, my ultimate dream house! Please note the open architecture which allows views from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside at any time. Doors in all directions guarantee freedom and access to the nature: One big problem of contemporary buildings is the limited number of doors: Often they come only with front door and back door. This is not enough in postpostmodern times! The open roof enhances the liberating feeling of nature, especially when it comes to thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls, and the color scheme underlines open-mindedness and breaking with traditions. The interior is deliberately modest, since everyday amenities like kitchens, beds and foods only limit the freedom you can enjoy in your dream building. Last but not least, it is also worth to appreciate the limited space which is not only a sophisticated critique of the thriftlessness of contemporary society, but also broadens the minds of my dream house's residents.

I hope you enjoy my building:


And here you can download the LXF:


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Hi everybody !

Here is my entry in free-build :

my "redesigned unhaunted white mansion"

inspired by Beetlejuice and the MonsterFighters haunted house




Link to LDD File

It's my first post and my first contest,

I hope you will like. ;)

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UPDATED 13/4/14 Here it is, the Complex 4S! (quite a creative name, heh)


Coming in at 1630 pieces, this was a paaaiiinnn to get done. But it is, and I really like the results. The house includes a living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. It also comes with an exclusive CM4S figure, that can't be found anywhere else! :grin: Also included is my own car and a tree for some scenery.





You can see all of the little details, furniture, and more with the LXF file, here.

Thanks, I hope you like it! :laugh: Feel free to post suggestions on this thread!

Thanks for looking!


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I made my first MOC (as AFOL) not for this contest but for my wife. Therefore it's 100% buildable, I have already ordered bricks. It is our real house made as much proportionally precise as minifig scale allows. It should be playable so it is divided into groups. Roof and upper floor can be taken off physically. Model is not fullfilled with furniture I made some parts just by different colors on walls (fireplace, bookshelf, sink, fridge, owen etc.). Rooms in upper floor are quite empty as they are in real life - we have just one newborn son staying in black crib :-)






Here is the link for LDD file:


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Here is my contribution to the "Eurobricks LDD/LDraw Contest 2014 Free Style". It is a house for 2 parties in modular style. The house has over 2800 parts.

I have it fully equipped with sleeping and living area, a bathroom with shower and toilet and a kitchen. The individual pieces of furniture can be marked and remove

over the group tab menu in the LDD. Have fun looking at the pictures and the complete building in LDD.




More pictures in higher resolution you find at BrickSafe

The LDD File of my creation find you here

I hope you like my MOC and your vote for them, thank you

Edited by legofan1978

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Here's my submission for the freebuild contest. As you can see, it is a tree house, but with some added bonuses. In the front, two sets of stairs guide you to the base of the main tree where you may continue to the main living quarters or to the other spaces available.


The main quarters has a four rooms; a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room, and a bathroom. I wanted to give all the rooms big windows to be able to give better view of the trees and scenery (which, ideally this treehouse would be located in the forest, I wasn't going to make tons of trees for the surrounding area.) This is especially true in the dining room where I gave large windows on both sides. Since the bathroom should be a little more private I just gave it one but with the bathtub underneath it so you can drink your wine and still have a view. The bedroom also has a big window and for the kitchen I just gave it a smaller view to the back.


Onto the other areas, from the base of the main tree I wanted to provide a guesthouse for family/friends that offers two beds, dressers, table, etc. Merely a simply sleeping room, you wouldn't want to spend all your time there.


If we go towards the back from the base I installed a table with chairs and an umbrella. I really like this area. From here you would be able to see the sunset/sunrise, hangout and read a book, or just play a game of chess. Pretty simple but I feel it adds a lot to the "home".

The last building is only accessible after you pass the outside seating area where I decided on a mini-study/library. Again I had the large windows put in and inside are two bookshelves with a desk and chair. I really like the shape of the building, it's like a pod or something, and with the large windows it makes it even more pretty. I love my windows obviously.


Other random info; there's lots of lights/lamps around, I was concerned if you're in the middle of a forest you need all the light you can get. Total piece count came in at 1945. The color scheme I felt unsure of but it really is the only thing that would work, remember this is in a forest and I felt it should not intrude too much on the land but rather would, hopefully, compliment it. Also the color has to be uniform, can't have crazy colors clashing with eachother in the middle of a forest, that woudn't work. The length came in at exactly like at 100 studs, width is much less. Man, I would've loved to have rendered this but I don't know much about that and from the looks of it it would've taken a day or two to render. I don't know what else, I guess that's it. Thanks for looking.

link to .lxf file


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EDIT by Legolijntje: I fixed the images for you. To insert images, right click on the image in your browser and click something like "copy image location" (text depends on browser). Then click on the image button at the top of the editing window here on EB (it's located under the smiley button) and insert the url. :classic:

This is my first post on this forum and also my entry for the dreamhouse contest.

I made a house in a classic style with detailed rooms.

My meanfeatures in this model are the stairs, spiralstairs outside,the trees, the kitchen, the roof and the symbols in the walls outside.

There are more nice parts in it.

I created also secret passages and rooms.

It contains over 17.500 bricks.

I liked building this model.

Thanks Legolijntje!

I didn't get i right and wanted to figured it out but you did it!

Thanks again!






The lxf:

Hope you like it.

Edited by bak318
Fixed deeplinking images

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This is a recently completed Charleston Single House that I designed and am in the process of parting out for my next Bricklink project.

Modeled after the predominant home style of Charleston, South Carolina, USA, I tried to keep the look of the house architecturally consistent while adhering to the confines of the standard modular footprint (though the left roof line and a couple of tree branches do extend 1 stud past the 32x32 stud boundary).


In keeping with the style, the house is only one room deep and is actually situated sideways on the lot, with the front door opening up to a porch and the main entrance to the house facing the courtyard.


The first floor contains a full kitchen and the stairs leading to the second floor. I tried a couple of times, unsuccessfully, to find the space to make a small breakfast nook to my liking, but I may work that out in a future version.


The second floor contains the living room, complete with sofa, chair, table, TV, bookshelf, and access to the balcony.


Lastly, the third floor contains the bedroom, bathroom, piazza, and of course, the roof.



Additionally, since I am building this for myself, I stuck with only using widely-available brick and color combinations. As such, it is constructed of mostly 1x2 bricks in medium blue, since it is easier and cheaper to buy 600 1x2s in that color than it is to buy 300 1x4s. The rest of the 3,408 parts are pretty standard and easy to acquire.

The LXF file can be downloaded here.


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Hi Programs ¡¡¡ this is my first contest entry in which I participate in this forum, is not finished yet, but I would love to live there, and now photos :grin:





Hope you like, thanks.

See You ¡¡¡¡¡

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EDIT: Added a flying car. Because I can.

Here's my entry, called: It's All Fantabulous With Lego!


Welcome to: It's All Fantabulous With Lego, the most Lego friendly house in the world! There's me, zooming past on my flying car! On the lawn, there's my Lego tree. I harvest the bricks each day.


On the roof is a spacious swimming pool complete with float and rubber ducky! (this house is located somewhere hot, not Wales!) RoButler has his work cut out as he hands me some tasty treats. See that door? That leads into the Lego Sales HQ, where BargainBot searches for all the latest sales on Lego! :devil:


It's All Fantabulous is full to the brim with some of my amazing models. In the landing, TechnoDuster is hard at work dusting my X-wing, Batwing, fire station and tractor models, not to mention the ones downstairs!


Here's the lounge area, with a fold up TV, a red couch, a table and chair for Lego building, a couple of models on display, and a hard-to-see-from-this-angle plaque reading 'LEGO'.


In the kitchen, there's a fridge, oven, and an endless supply of chicken. I love chicken. Mmmmmm.


Here's my cosy bedroom with a self making bed and a few more models on display.

Wanna see more of It's All Fantabulous? Then check out the LXF File or check out This Flickr Set where there's so many more pictures of my dream house. Have a look at the the entry topic too. Please vote for me! :sweet:

Edited by Sir Brickalot

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Here's my entry, a Gothic mansion called Bat Wing Hall (because why not).

Located on the shores of a vast, windswept lake, this ancient house has more than a few hidden secrets that its owner, Ally, prefers to keep to herself...


Here we can see the front of the house; the left side of the mansion is perched upon a rocky outcrop. Hidden beneath the house is a cave, with a concealed jet ski, should a sneaky exit be needed...


At the back of the house, a cutting in the rock leads from the garden down to the small beach. From this angle, you can also just about see another part of the hidden cellar beneath Bat Wing Hall on the right, with bars preventing entry.


The top floor spans only part of the lower floor, leaving space for the main dining hall, which spans two floors. On the top floor, the front bedroom features a double bed and the usual furniture you'd expect; the rear bedroom features an immense four-poster bed, and a hidden sliding wall compartment... On the opposite side is the bathroom, with a large tub and a walk-in shower unit.


Here, you can see the ground floor; on the left is the front living room, while behind it is Ally's study. On the right is Bat Wing Hall's rather infamous dining hall, which legend claims to have seen many mysterious disappearances over the centuries... the reason for this, of course, is the hidden passage behind the fireplace. This is an actual working feature - by turning the wheel to the left of the fireplace, the wall behind it raises, revealing a passage and ladder down to the hidden basement area. At the front of the dining hall is a set of steps leading to the rec room below, while at the other side is a door leading down to the kitchen.


Here, you can see how the cellar is split into two separate areas... on the right is the rec room, and behind it, the kitchen, with a stairway leading up to the dining room. On the other side, however, is the hidden area only accessible through the secret passage behind the fireplace in the dining hall. The previously mentioned jet ski is here, along with Bat Wing Hall's most unnerving room - a hidden dungeon, with an adjacent cell (another working feature is built in here - in the floor above, behind the front door, is a lever, which when pulled back, opens the trapdoor beneath the entrance, dropping the unfortunate victim into the cell below - rather useful for getting rid of unwanted visitors).


In the final main screenshot is a better view of the hidden area of the cellar. The cave exit is easier to see here. You can also see the pathway in the back garden which leads down to the lake.

More screenshots (of which there are many) can be found here: Bat Wing Hall on Flickr.

The .lxf file can be downloaded here via Brickshelf: Bat Wing Hall .LXF

Edited by Wiseman_2

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Here's my entry for the free build. it's the first time I've tried anything like this or on this scale. I've designed this as a modular and I'm pretty sure I've use the parts accurately. I hope you enjoy.

Edit: forgot to say. It's supposed to be a book shop with coffee shop an offices upstairs.











Full Model.lxf

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Here is my entry for the free build, Langenburg Mansion. It is based off a real house, but this version is not fully complete yet. I am not sure if I will have anymore time to improve this design before the deadline.

When the landscaping is included, the model is a smidge longer than 100 bricks.







Here is a link for the .lxf file:

Edited by Chris Was Here

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For my first Eurobricks contest I want to share with you my dream home.

I love so much Bavaria in Germany, it's the place of my heart :wub: so I was inspired by Swabian house to create a little home full of colors and flowers.

In particular, I like so much the colored glasses I put near each door and on the stairway in the home and at the front of the house, I think they give a special touch to the entire house.


Of course, in the garden not miss games for children, there aren't Lego bricks? Yes, they could lost in the grass :laugh: :laugh:





Each comfort in my dream home, but nothing television in it, perhaps a couple of computers, but I prefer to dream can share my time with my family and my friends.


I hope you like it :blush:

Thanks for looking!! :wub:

The LDraw.ldr file is attached here

My dream

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