An Excuse For Dialogue

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OoC: Before you go any further, let me warn you. There is a lot of writing included in this post. This build became the perfect opportunity for me to bring some story lines together that have been tumbling around in my mind; and it resulted in a lot of dialogue and story telling. I'm afraid you won't find this post very interesting if you are just looking for some cool MOCs. So, let me suggestion that you save looking through this until you have the time or desire to read and look at the same time. I don't pretend to be the greatest story teller out there, but I hope that my story has been and will be at least interesting to read. Without further ado:

An Excuse For Dialogue

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“Well Gex’s map says this is the place,” said Natolyth, “sure doesn’t look like much though.”

They were staring at a sand dune.

“Give that map hither!” said Wyndor. “Well look here, we made a wrong turn at that last sand dune! I swear, the only thing in Kaliphlin is sand!”

They soon retraced their steps and ended up at the right sand dune. As they approached they heard shouts, cheers, and the sound of weapons clashing.

“Now this seems like the fighting pits Chalin is rumored to be champion of.” said Wyndor.

“Just because I misdirected us that one time during All Hallow’s Eve doesn’t mean I’m going to misread the map every time Wyndor.” replied Natolyth in a huff.

They worked their way through the crowd to get as close to the fight pit as they could.

An announcer was shouting above the noise of the crowd, “Next we have the fearsome Finrod against Feanor!”



“It doesn’t look like Chalin is fighting this round,” stated Natolyth,


“I guess we’ll have to ask around…” Natolyth stopped because he realized he was talking to thin air.


Wyndor had walked a few paces away and was staring with his mouth hanging open. “What are you doing?” Natolyth asked?


“Have you ever seen anyone so beautiful?” asked Wyndor. He was staring at a woman across the fighting pit from them.


“Hold on there Wyndor, we’re here to find Chalin remember?” Natolyth said restrainingly.

“Yeah, yeah, of course,” answered Wyndor, “Uh, why don’t you go ask at the booth there, and I’ll ask some of the people in the crowd.”

“Oh no you don’t,” replied Natolyth, “I’m not letting you walk around with Cupid’s arrow in your eye. We are both going to talk to the gentlemen at the booth.”


Natolyth practically dragged Wyndor across the sand to get to the betting booth. Natolyth made some inquiries while Wyndor kept turning around to see if he could catch sight of the woman.

“Ok, Chalin is up next Wyndor… Wyndor! Are you listening to me!” yelled Natolyth.

“What? Oh, yes, yes. What did you say?” answered Wyndor.

“I said, Chalin is one of the next contestants.” replied Natolyth while rolling his eyes.

“What! Just like that we find him! It took me weeks of searching to find you and Chalin just shows up on a rooster?”

“Well, assuming it’s the same Chalin that Gex was talking about, and assuming this Chalin is indeed our brother, then yes. Sorry to have been such a bother to rescue” Natolyth said as he zapped Wyndor.

“Ouch!” yelped Wyndor, “Stop doing that! Ever since you gained these wizard powers you’ve been abusing me with them!”

“I have not been abusing you,” answered Natolyth, “I’m just trying to keep you focused. We’ve traveled all this way to find our brother, let’s not get distracted now.”

“You’re right” replied Wyndor, “let’s go find Chalin.”

They made their way back to the ring and waited for Chalin to appear. As they settled in to watch, Wyndor realized they were standing next to the woman he had been watching earlier.


“Hello, do you come here often?” asked Wyndor.

“And who are you?” the woman asked.

“I am stunned by your beauty.” answered Wyndor.

“Well thank you, but I meant your name.” she said.


“I am Wyndor Grahamson of Mitgardia and you have my service.” said Wyndor.

“Well, Wyndor, I am Valanice of Avalonia and I will take your service and leave your flattery.” Valanice answered.

At that moment the announcer stood up and snapped Wyndor out of his stupor for a moment.


“And now,” shouted the announcer, “the champion you’ve all been waiting for… Chalin the Mitgardian!”


The entire crowd cheered even louder and Chalin hopped over the edge of the ring and raised his arms to the cheering of the crowd.


Chalin made quick work of his opponent and circled around the ring taking in the applause of his fans.


Wyndor and Natolyth tried to be seen by Chalin and caught him just as he was exiting the arena. Chalin caught sight of his brothers and stopped in his tracks.

“What are you doing here?” questioned Chalin.

“We’re here to rescue you.” answered Wyndor.


“Rescue? You both don’t understand; I don’t need any rescuing. It’s great to see you again, I didn’t think I ever would. But I’ve got a great life here. After the elemental attack I was captured by Kaliphlin pirates and brought here as a slave. The local government caught wind of what was going on and broke up the pirate’s activities and set me free. I didn’t have any way to get home so I signed up as a fighting pit contestant. And as you’ve probably heard, I’m quiet famous here.” explained Chalin.

“But what about home?” asked Natolyth. “We can all go back together now. Our plan has been that as soon as we found you we would all travel back to Mitgardia.”

“Home? How long has it been since we’ve been there? People there have moved on, I’m sure, and so have I. Thanks for coming to find me. It really is good to see you again, but I’ve got to get ready for my next fight. I’ll see you around if you ever come back to Kaliphlin.” And with that Chalin turned around and walked away.


“Well what do we do now?” asked Natolyth.

“I’m not sure Natolyth. This isn’t exactly how I imagined this meeting would go.” said Wyndor. He then noticed Valanice walking away from the arena. “But I’ve got a great idea for how to finish a different meeting.”

Wyndor runs up to Valanice with Natolyth on his heels.


“Lady Valanice, I am sorry for my rude departure earlier. When I offered you my service I meant it. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Well,” began Valanice, “I actually do need an escort back to my home in Avalonia. I was going to see if I could hire some guards in town, but (she says as she bates her eyes) if you’re offering, it would save me the trouble of having to find someone else.”

“Don’t trouble yourself my lady, my brother and I would be happy to escort you.” answered Wyndor.

Natolyth just rolled his eyes as if to say, “you are crazy, but I’ll go with you anyway.”

Wyndor continued, “We are traveling back to Mitgardia anyway and it would be no trouble to take a detour through the fair country of Avalonia.”

“I fear it may not be as fair as it once used to be” Valanice stated. “That is one reason I need an escort. Our land is overrun with soldier of the Hand of Corruption as well as Drow and other vile creatures. But if you are willing to go with me still I will see to it that my Uncle takes good care of you.”

“We are your humble servants my Lady Valanice” said Wyndor and Natolyth just rolled his eyes again.

They all headed towards the tents and pavilions that were set up as a camp near the fight pits and found horses and provisions for their journey. They had just set out towards the Oil Road when they heard the galloping of a single horse behind them.

“Wait! Wait brothers! I’ve changed my mind!” called out the rider.

The three travelers turned in their saddles to see Chalin racing up behind them.

“I would be a fool not to go with my brothers, my family, and see them safely home” said Chalin as he caught up with them.

“I for one am glad you are joining us Chalin” replied Natolyth. “We will need someone to help keep our brother sane.”

“Lady Valanice, may I introduce my brother, Chalin” said Wyndor. “Chalin, this is the Lady Valanice whom we have agreed to escort back to her home in Avalonia. Are you still willing to join us?”

“Whatever crazy adventure is ahead of us,” answered Chalin, “let’s do it together.”


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This has a lot of great things going on. The storytelling is very good, and I'm very entertained by a new wizard just kind of casually zapping people. The build is also good, with very clear photography. What's the canopy, is that a part or something home-made?

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This is really great! Nice ring, great action - what I like most though is your storytelling. You've have made the impossible come true which is to combine all sorts of subplots that exist in this crazy GoH world into one coherent story. Awesome, can't wait to see and read more from you!

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Excellent fighting ring, I like the canopy over it :thumbup: The little building on the right is also very good, and the story was quite interesting :classic:

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Thanks everyone! Your kind comments are a real encouragement to me to continue on :classic: . I'm really glad you all are enjoying the story so far, I know I am :laugh:

@DrC: It's made up of the sails from the Ninjago set, Destiny's Bounty. I have them upside down and overlapping to create the canopy.

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I really enjoyed this. The story is excellent, and the minifig posing and photography stand out. I like the fighting ring, it looks excellent. Great build.


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