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I rather liked the look of this polybag. A small Micro Manager to battle with Wyld Style, I wasn't planning on getting any sets with Mirco Managers, and what looked to be a nice part selection. This too came in my package with The LEGO Movie Presskit.

Set Information:

Name: Micro Manager Battle

Set Number: 30281

Pieces: 27

Price: Promotional Item

Ages: 6-12

Minifigs: 1

Theme: The LEGO Movie

Year of Release: 2014



Flickr Set



The front of the bag shows a scene from the end of the movie where the Master Builders are fighting the Managers. I don't remember Wyle Style getting nun-chucks though. The LEGO Movie logo is featured prominetly. As this is the European bag, there is very little information to clutter up the front of the bag.


On the back, you have the usual warnings and translations of the set name. Though on this set there seem to be less than usual.



There are four extra parts in this set. Nothing to really note however.


Wyld Style's hood came in this bag, I assume to protect the color printing.



I love that the manual harks back to the older style of Creator sets, with the yellow and blue color scheme. In six steps you've built most of the Micro Manager.


Only a quarter of this page is actual instructions. The other half is devoted to an ad for some of the other The LEGO Movie sets.



Wyld Style is a great minifigure. Sure she has a generic hoodie on, but it is still cool. The right side of her outfit has been "gratified" on in blue and pink, it's a newer idea that LEGO tried and it works for this figure. Her hair is also quite new, she's got some printed highlights in her hair.


The first thing that jumps out on you when you look at her back is her hood. The inside of her hood is printed in a nice pink color. She has the usual female print, which has some of the sides taken out with some printing.


Here you can see the printing on her arm, which matches the print on her torso and legs, as well as the profile of her hood. It doesn't stick out to bad.


The other side of her head is a bit of a point face, and you can also see the pink and blue print on her back.

Finished Model:


No build pictures as this set is so small. I really quite like this set, it has two of the new upward brackets.


This guy looks very like the other Micro Managers, LEGO did a great job keeping them all similar. He only has one eye, but a common eye count isn't unusual with these guys.


Not to much of anything going on in the back of him. What he's supposed to do with the wrench and chainsaw piece, I'm not sure. If the kids like it, that's all that matters.


This was a very quick set to build. There's not a whole lot to it either, though I LOVE the parts selection here. The new brackets are great to have around. Wyld Style isn't a bad minifigure in anyway, though I've already got three of this version, maybe more sets with her hooded...


Playability: 5/10
Let's be honest here, the whole idea is for Wyld Style to "fight" the Manager. But there are no fighting features. (Flick Fires)

Design: 6/10
It's a micro manager, which is a black box.

Price: 8/10
While I don't know what price this will be, I think $4 is fair for the amount of decent parts.

Minifigures: 7/10
Nobody exclusive to this polybag, but a good way to get a cheap Wyle Style.

Parts: 9/10
I LOVE the new upward brackets. You get two in black!

Total: 35/50


For some reason, I keep seeing this. :grin:

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Thankyou for the review 'Masked Builder'! I voted poor for this set beacuse it really is just an excuse for pepole to get Wildstyle in a cheap set :sceptic:. I do think the Micro manger is cute and it is growing on me but i guess i'll mod it so it has less studs exposed :classic:.

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