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When I first heard of this set, I wasn't at all interested. Small polybag, with Emmet and a rock? Not really interesting. I was planning on getting the Cloud Cuckoo set, so Emmet wasn't a draw for me. This set was in my package of sets including The LEGO Movie Press Kit. So I can't argue with that! Let's see how the set is.

Set Information:

Name: The Piece Of Resistance

Set Number: 30280

Pieces: 33

Price: S@H Promotion

Ages: 6-12

Minifigs: 1

Theme: The LEGO Movie

Year of Release: 2014



Flickr Set



I really like the layout of The LEGO Movie set art. We have The LEGO Movie logo in the upper right corner as well as some movie frames showing numbers. This is the European bag, and it doesn't have any age or part counts on the front.


The back is full of the usual stuff, warnings in every language, and The LEGO Movie translated too.



Here are the extra pieces. Rather boring, but not bad for a polybag.



The manual has five, six if you want to count the instructions for Emmet, steps on this page. The blue and yellow printing seems fitting since this set is based in a construction site.


On the back are four more steps, as well as a warning not to launch the rock bit at anyone head, though how you would do that I don't know. The other half of the manual is taken up by an ad for three of The LEGO Movie sets.



Emmet is the same as each other Emmet made. While it is a generic construction worker design, after having seen the movie, it's much more special to me. I love his badge with his name on it, as well as his rather classic exp<b></b>ression.


From the back you can really see the new hair mold well, the Piece of Resistance blocks up a lot of the printing on his back too.


His alternate expression is nice, I love having new faces, as it gives me more choices in scared heads. The back print on Emmet is some reflective silver bits.

Finished Model:


The completed set. It's really simple and took me less than five minutes to build. Though I do like the combination of colors and slopes which make for an interesting look overall.


It's really just a rock, though the 1x1 plates in trans-yellow do break up the monotony. LEGO has done a rather good job with their sloping in making an interesting shape.


And the other side, this little bit is all functionally.



The main feature of this set is "finding" the Piece of Resistance. By pushing this piece here.


The rock piece goes flying. It actually launches fairly far, this is how far it went. I didn't push that hard, if you push harder it would probably go farther.


This neat little polybag isn't terrible. Sure it just includes Emmet and a rock bit, but I could see some young boys wanting a cheap set with Emmet and the Piece of Resistance. I believe that this set is all about the functionally of "finding" the Piece. Which is a good idea, since this is a big moment in the film and not at all represented in the film. Overall I like, it. Not the best polybag I own, but not bad either.


Playability: 5/10
This set is all about the function of "finding" the Piece of Resistance. It's not a terrible function, but this throwing design has been done before.

Design: 7/10
I like the color combination and the angles that the slopes make.

Price: 7/10
I can see this set retailing for about $4, which isn't a bad price. I can see kids buying this just so they have Emmet.

Minifigures: 6/10
It's just Emmet. He's generic but designed well, and I rather like him after see the movie.

Parts: 8/10
Nothing to interesting, I do like the slopes that were included. More slopes are always nice, especially when I'm doing rock work.

Total: 33/50


It works quite nicely as a Emmet flinger too.

See my review of The LEGO Movie Press Kit here, as well as links to my reviews of the other LEGO Movie polybags!

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Yet another great review!!! I noticed on the instructions the Emmet is slightly different so maybye another future polybag! Everything is awesome!

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This set seems like a direct copy of the Thor and the Cosmic Cube polybag, which is quite funny to say the least.

The best thing about this poly is that it includes the rarer Emmet face. That front smile is a winner.

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On the Learning Express website I found images of some polybag sets that are marked for purchase at $4.99. Among them is the Mikey's Mini-Shellraiser, which surprises me if they actually do have it available. Also included are Piece of Resistance and Police ATV, both marked as well for $4.99. I'm willing to make a purchase to experiment if they have it, okay? You may try it as well.

Here are the links:

Mikey's Mini-Shellraiser:

Piece of Resistance:

Police ATV:

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