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[MOC] My first Cuusoo project: Ed Roth's MYSTERION Show Rod

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My very first Lego Cuusoo project got just published!

Ed Roth´s Mysterion Show Rod



Please give me some feedback and comments. I will tell you more. And please go to see and click the "Support"! :)


Here's some details about making of the "Mysterion".


I have tried to learn new techniques. The frame with holes is 3-wide while the front section is 5-wide. The body is 7-wide but the interior is 4-wide and the bubble is 6-wide. There's also some SNOT design, for example the mismatching headlights, V8-engines, side panels, rear lights and top hinges. And as in the many recent creations there's no visible studs. It is also kind of "modular" as seen in the picture.

This was fun to build and The Mysterion is also so far my most advanced creation. Hope you like it! :)


Additional pictures of the real car.



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Thanks for the comment. I'm planning to redo the engines.

I guess this car goes under "Model Team".

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