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Lord Mcgregor

Some more help :)

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Hi guys, i'm still working on my army but I'm thinking about my cavlry, instead of just swords I want to create or make them lancers. But I'm having trouble finding the weapon I'm wanting to use as a lance. Can you guys suggest spears or lances to use?


So far it's out of these three. But the spear I feel is too short. The actual lance I don't like cause it doesn't have a sharp looking edge. Then the one below I think would be good, but I think I'd have to chop the axey part off. Sorry if the pictures are huge... I'm not sure how to do pictures properly yet. Thanks, Zacklego_minifig_polearm_halberd__6123__lego-dark-stone-gray-minifig-polearm-halberd-6123-30-804756-50.png

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