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MOC Nightwing's Nightbike

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Hi Guys,

Another MOC here, I was little idle and decided that the jetpack that came with the 76011 Batcopter was a little lacklustre.

I thought a bike may be more appropriate for Nightwing to ride and made this! I quite like the look of motorcycles with a single swingarm and challenged myself to make it part of this MOC.

I am a little disappointed that I couldn't make it all black, but lack the right parts. Oh well!


DSC04125 by, on Flickr


DSC04126 by, on Flickr


DSC04127 by, on Flickr


DSC04128 by, on Flickr

Comments and constructive criticism welcome!

Hope you all like it :)

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Excellent MOC.

Really wish they'd put him back in blue, though.

Really wish some of the superficial changes they made could be swept under the rug.

I understand the push for diversity, and support it.

But dismantling the Flash Family serves nobody. Changing Tim Drake's history is also laughably ridiculous.

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