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[MOC] Minas Tirith

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Minas Tirith is probably have the least number of lego incarnations out of all the major lotr locations. I've seen plenty of beautiful helms deep, orthanc, rivendell, etc. but not that many Minas Tirith. So here's my rendition.


This moc was a pleasure to build. It's a combination of three things that I love to build and fairly good at, circle, micro, and rock.

My cuusoo project







Micro siege weapon


How it's built.


For more pic



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WOW! That is just too beautiful, well done!

I would be very happy if TLG would producent such a nice rendition (maybe put it on CUUSOO?).

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Gorgeous and not sparing even the slightest attention to detail. Such a great build, I would love to see this as an official set. Great photography too!

I have to imagine the complexity of this MOC could make it very frustrating but very entertaining build.

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This is probably the best LotR micro ever. You've captured the crowded yet elegant feel of the city fantastically. That rockwork is amazing, especially for micro scale. And that roundness of the city... that's a real achievement. That patch of rock with the dome behind the city is phenomenal! So is the variety of the details on the city. And that horde of studs besieging that creation is just the cherry on top.

I really want this on my desk! Are you planning to make a series of these, with Minas Morgul, Isengard etc? Than we could make a map of Middle-Earth with these landmarks towering above it!

This MOC deserves all the attention it gets. Congrats on getting blogged on the brothers brick!

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Amazing. I really love the minimalist design and usage of 'token' pieces to represent enemies and weaponry at a different scale.

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