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The Eurobase 2005 - Eurobrick's Modular MOC System

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Here we go:

As announced in the other thread we will (have to) display MOC's at the Eurobricks Event 2005 in our hotel.

We can't force anybody to bring something and we can't especially force you to participate this project, but please remember: The more people join, the cooler the result will be!

So here are is the general project description, I'll add technical details (connection system, module size, etc...) later, the project's guidelines are still in developement!

But let's go:

Project Name: SG-2200

The general idea is to build some ambassador's city where all those cultures from the Stargate universe and also new cultures and those shown at other movies / series can have their buildings and whatever next to each other.

This city takes place in a (fan-)fictional alternate timeline of the SG universe in the year 2200, where all the different races live in peace and harmony (oh, this is soooo cuuuute!!! *wub*).

For all of you that aren't familiar with Stargate I'll give some short overview about some races that appear in the show:

There are in general three different types of races:

1) The Ancients: those look like humans but they are the most powerfull race of the whole universe (as shown in atlantis)

2) Those futuristic, omnipotent races (both good or bad) with all those cool spacecrafts and whatever.

(including the Goa'uld and Tok'Ra, both egyptian inspired, the Nox -> nature-freaks and the Asgard which nicely cover the chlich

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UPDATE No 1: Background Story

We are in the 23rd century. With the help of the Stargate network earth acquiered a lot of technologies and is now capable of traveling through the cold deep space. After 200 years, their technology has increased so much that they are now able to transport entire cities on new planets. Earth is also using its battleships to protect their allies from alien invasions.

To celebrate the year 2200, the earth European Space Union decided to set up a giant universal exposition with representants of all the ally planets. They found a nice planet in the pegasus galaxy and put a Stargate on it so all the people invited can travel to the planet safely.

All the planets started to send the best architects from their homeworld to create a nice village representing their culture. The guests wanted to proudly show what they were capable of. Everybody was here: the Asgards with their nice curved ships, the Tok'Ra with their egyptian style and even some Ancients that materialized a big hall around the Stargate to welcome the new arrivants. Even some less technologicaly advanced planets started to build incredible constructions: from castles to vikings villages, it was a fantastic mozaic.

Thanks to Jipay for providing this! :)

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UPDATE No. 2: The Modular System

Okay, people, here we go: I worked out the system for the modules this morning:


You see that we're able to use two different connection systems, you can use either a path or a corridor as connector to adjacent modules.

(NOTE: There are still two corridor versions possible and I would like the people bringing modules to the Event to vote in THIS POLL which corridor version we should use!)

All modules must set up on a grey 48x48 baseplates (you can also put several smaller baseplates together if you haven't a large one like I did for the example module). There are four connection points and each of them must be there (that means if you don't want to build corridor at one side you have to put a path there)

An overview about the modules can be seen HERE.

For more information please look at the following links:

- The Brickshelf Gallery with all the schematic images and the example shots

- Our Eurobase Discussion thread

- The poll about the corridors

- The detailed page with all instructions, examples, etc, ... (NOT YET ONLINE!!!)

Note: The last link will also provide infos and examples about possible SG related styles you could use (though you can also build something that isn't SG related... ;))

More info will be provided later! :)

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