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CAD: Priest-cars

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indexed.gif V-LV-08C & V-LV-08D

This pair is another one of many other CAD creations, made by me.

This are two crazy cars, which are scale-wise inspired by the 2006 Batmobile set.

1. The Painkiller


This is the complete overview of this futuristic and evil looking ride. It's based of an extremely intense Judas Priest song from the 1990 Painkiller-CD. The car itself features a skull ornament, which uses the most part of the front, an huge supercharged V12 engine and two mufflers. The minifig has to lie a bit back, since the whole car sits low on the ground and even the cockpit is sitting rather low.

The build was of an intermediate difficulty to me, mostly because of the skull and keeping it riding low. There are 217, mostly more recent pieces, and in LEGO prices it would be a solid 15€-20€ set.

2. Night Crawler


This is the second of the priest rides. The song is rather morbid, and so is the car. It is futuristic and evil looking, due to the use of the orange Dino Tails as horns, which are found in the claw crusher. The model is shorter, than the Painkiller, but still has a huge V10 engine in the rear. I included two mufflers, too which are attached side by side. This one is again made up of more recent pieces and sits low to ground. It is again far too wide for the classic city layouts. Technically it was an intermediate build, due to keeping the car low on the ground. At 174 pieces this would sell at 15€

Complete instructions are in my Brickshelf vehicles folder

mFg Widdi

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