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Captain Braunsfeld

MOC: Sloop HMS Small Green Flying Dutchman

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[pid][/pid] 160B

The story begins:

William Shakespeare was getting worried...


William Shakespeare was getting worried.

The daily ferry to Henley should have been an easy undertaking, but now they had been sailing for two days and there was no sign of shoreline anywhere.

He also worried about the captain, a fierce-looking rum-drinking villain who had no bit of decent behaviour in him.

Why, so William asked himself, had he chosen to take this journey on the "Small Green Flying Dutchman" in the first place? The brigde across the Thames would have been just 60 walking minutes away.

But now it was too late. His thoughts returned to the ship - and the people on board.

The crew was strange. The man at the rudder never spoke a word and the soldier in his parade uniform seemed a bit out of place. And how would he handle the ship's four guns in case of a pirate encounter?

And then there was the other passenger. A traveling cake salesman from Yorkshire. William decided not to trust him. There was something fishy about him.

Two days out on the high sea and by now his ink pot was getting empty. How would he be able to proceed?

William Shakespeare was getting worried.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

May I present the cast:

William Shakespeare -


The strange captain:


The soldier


The traveling cake salesman from Yorkshire:


The small green Flying Dutchman


The ship:


and the ship with a great colour effect (that I found disappointing but my wife said I should keep it):


Hope you enjoy(ed) it!

P.S.: After the discussion about my last ship (a non-galleon) this is probably a sloop, but I am not 100% sure :pir-sweet: )

P.P.S.: And maybe the guns are carronades.

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Nicely done, I like the ship's Idol pir_laugh2.gif

It could be a sloop but it would also qualify as a cog,

The square sail on the bowsprit makes a great impression, I like that.

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@Captain Goldon Hook:

A valid suggestion, however, I've done this on so many of my models that I really did not want to repeat it on this model.

(I wonder when brickshelf will be back online - currently I can see very few pictures in the forum, and practically none of mine...)

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