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"Everything is Awesome!"

Hi , it is my recently MOC for the HK lego competition. It is the story of LEGO movie "Emmet" try escape from the bad sheriff and robot. Mixed with 70800 Getaway Glider, 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace to complete the creation and enhance the backgroud with "Unikitty" , "Wyldstyle" lovely Rainbow and Sunshine.

I m very happy to know I can get the cinema tickets (winner price) from competition.

Special thanks HKLUG to launch and arrange the competition with parties. (Warner Bros. HK, LEGO HK Ltd, HK Grand cinema)











I made the funny comic and My family will join in the western to help Emmet escape XD. Enjoy it~ :laugh::grin::tongue:

Flickr :

Creator : Alanboar

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Thanks all :laugh: :laugh: :grin::classic:

And it is my competition prize, I m happy to share it





Lovely job! And I love your Cuusoo projects.

Godtshep , know my cuusoo project? really thanks!

Awesome MOC ab HK! This would be a nice display piece at the ticket desk. Very detailed; lots to look at

Thank you it will show in the Grand Cinema HK during "THE LEGO MOVIE" show time until Feb end.

There's a baby in the movie?!

No , it is my baby and role as the story characters in my MOC XDD

Great work! The HK title called "the Lego Hero Legend" which sounds..... too original

I can tell you that it is funny for cantonese 3D version.

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