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The Revolutionary - Epilogue

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The Cities of the Westfolk (Part 2):


The Wildermen (Part 3):


Hello EB,

The finish of my Revolutionary series was rushed quite a bit, so I'd like to give my apologies in advance about the absolutely horrible photo quality :hmpf_bad: . Enough of that, let's move on with the backstory first, then the pics:


Author's Note: This installment occurs about nine months after the events of Sparking the Fire. The Kingdom of the Dragons has been razed from the ground, and the Kingdom of the Lions is ready to fall.

Joash stared at the land. It was decorated with trees that spotted and dotted the hills with yellow, red and orange. Leaves we're more common than grass. The few stalks of grass that managed to find their way through the mess of leaves were greeted by the deep blue sky, full of wispy cotton candy clouds. The sun made an appearance now and then, its rays penetrating the cloud layer like spotlights penetrating darkness. The wind swayed the boughs of the trees and shook the vines that encrusted the castle walls. The sound of chains could be heard, followed by screams of, "Open the gate!"

The Queen, the Leader of the Blue Lions, had arrived.

The Queen stumbled out from her carriage. She did not complement the landscape, the landscape complemented her. She stood out like a glowing sapphire amongst bare rock. She added colour to the drab and dingy castle.

The guards stood to attention. The stable boys looked on. The Knights in their gleaming suits of metal clunked their way to their position in the castle bailey and saluted the Queen. The townsfolk looked on at the spectacle, fascinated at this distraction from their everyday lives.

The Queen cleared her throat. Silence fell.

"Defenders of our Kingdom!" Have faith! Do not let these invaders overcome you! You are soldiers of the Kingdom of the Lions; against whatever foul beast and man that attacks you stand your ground! Do not give into fear!"

Joash continued to breathe silently. He was hidden in the East Tower, barely metres away from the Queen. He made sure to be quiet; detection meant certain death.

Deftly and quickly, Joash's hands unrolled the weather-stained package in front of him. Inside was a bow, carved from oakwood and several arrows. Inside was also a note, on which Use it well was written in tall, thin cursive. Joash's left hand felt the wood of the bow and steadied his hand. His trembling right hand slotted an arrow into the bow. His fingers felt the fletching as he pulled his right hand to his ear. He looked down the arrow, and focussed his aim on the Queen's torso. There was no hesitation.

He let the arrow go.


MOC Overview. I really don't like the base, but it is my first attempt at one. Oh, and I also tried out a SNOT tower. I haven't seen many of those before :classic: .


The target:


And the assassin:


The back. I tried a new grass technique. Let's just say it doesn't work very well :grin: :


Another angle:


And finally, probably the best photo of the batch:


Thanks for viewing, really appreciate it. If you haven't checked out the rest of the series, links are at the top of the post. Hoped you liked the ending, the MOC and the story. I've learnt quite a bit from doing this whole series (probably the most important thing is to use Chrome; I was previously using Explorer and when I was doing the second installment I literally could not type! :angry: ), so if given the chance, I'd like to do something similar soon. Stay tuned for that :grin:


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