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MOC architecture: Brooklyn Bridge 1/650 scale

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A Bridge rebuilt


After gathering dust on my shelf for some time I finally decided to redo my Lego Brooklyn Bridge. I decided the redesign was darmatic enough to warrant it's own topic.

If you are interested here is a link to the previous version which I would now merely call a sketch for the new bridge.

This project started out of my love for the iconic Bridge. Altough I am from Austria and have not set foot on the actual Brooklyn Bridge (yet) I developed a serious fascination for the iconic landmark after reading the book "The Great Bridge" .

After countless passes of revisions on the original brickbuilt model and even more versions of the Bridge in LDD, I finally arrived at what I consider to be the ultimate rendition of New York City's oldest suspensionbridge in a scale that makes it a great model for displaypurposes. I bhave the bridge built in real bricks, but I'm still working on a light-setup that let#s me take prober pictures of the model. But a picture says mor than a thousand words, so without further ado...



Some details about the model:

Scale: 1/650

Length: 85 studs

Height: 13 bricks 2 plates

Width: 5 studs

Pieces used: ~850

For some more Information you can check out the Cuusoo-page I made for the model:


Edit 02/02/2014: Added photo: towerexploded

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Nice! That shows that a bridge really can be done as an Architecture set, and done well. I white like the white box mockup, too.

And that is a lot of hammers.

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i love the real thing too, but i have seen it many times.

I like the general design but i dont the color. The real thing isnt made out of concrete. So tan and darktan would be my color of choice. While you just build it digital i shouldnt be a problem to change the "bricks".

The whole "highway" (literally spoken) has a different color. Rust would discribe it at best ;)

The middle line between the tracks have to be darkbrown. This is where the joggers (pedestrian) used to be. Its made of wood!


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Great model and great build, so it seems. I really like the textures you've created, and that make this bridge look really good.

I guess it would be very hard to do the vertical cables however...

Anyway great model. It only needs a micro boat, and you've got an amazing set.

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Thanks for all the Feedback. I really appriciate it.

@Darth Dino: I deliberatly chose the uniform colorscheme due to the stylized look of the bridge. I could've used Darktan and such in the LDD-model but I tried to keep it buildable in real bricks.

I will update the OP with pictures of the brickbuilt-version as soon as I manage to take a good photo.

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