[Minifigures] Batman: Arkham Origins - Online Playable Charecters

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Here are the 8 playable characters from the Batman: Arkham Origins Online mode.

I am okay with how this turned out. To start out I would like to talk about the cons with these figures. I am not to happy with my Joker side (Including the Joker) I would of have used the Joker goon face if Myer would let me use gift cards online! The Bane is meh and I think that covers the bad figures. A pro would defiantly have to be the drones! Oh dear I cannot tell you how much I hate those things in the game. My favourite would have to be the one on the left (Bane's one) and the Joker one is another meh. The Bane Merc to the left of him turned out pretty good as well (Its based off the last picture in the loading screen if you play on Banes side) I would have used the Darth Malgus head but I traded it. Batman is a figure from TLG and I modified the TLG Robin figure for this version of him. I think these actually turned out okay. I will defiantly do some more Arkham Game stuff in the future!

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Not bad. But here are some suggestions

Bane goons: excellent

Bane: if you can get you hands on the 2012 Bane, I reccomend flipping his torso to the back and use that as the front. Then use a neck bracket and put this maybe in a lime or bright green colour to show the venom and then put 4 studs on the back. That's what I did

Batman: try to use the TDKR torso with gray legs or gray with leg printing

Robin: no problems except maybe include leg printing if you can

Joker:a different torso in a purple colour and maybe 2 different brick built guns

Joker Goons: bring out the colour and clownishness with the goons. Try adding weird and wacky colours and clown like appearances

Drones: I personally love the Joker one but again add colour to the Joker one maybe purple. The Bane drone is perfect, no problems

Hope this helps :)

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