[MOOC] Coruscant Skytower (inspired by Madame Architect)

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[MOOC] Coruscant Skytower (inspired by Madame Architect)


This is not going to be a review of the RZ-1 A-Wing LEGO set so there won’t be any pictures of the box or whatsoever. Because I didn’t buy this set for the ship, but to build a MOOC made by Madame Architect.

Well, just few words so. The ship is quite nice, but for me as it’s not an iconic ship of Star Wars, it was never on my wish list. I only bought it to build this Skytower. I got the set for half price, brand-new, box untouched, thanks to people who are selling brand-new Xmas present. I like Han Solo of course, and the Admiral Ackbar minifig is nice too. As a final thought about this set before writing about the skytower, I would say that I find the fins way too thick.

One more thing. I had different shades of white in my set. Some bricks were creamy white, others cold white. Not nice at all once built.



MOC-1128 – Skytower

So I bought this set just to build this MOOC. And this MOOC is the start of something bigger I want to make. This skytower is supposed to be located in the City-Planet of Coruscant. Coruscant is like Trantor, a big city covering the whole planet and that is composed of countless buildings, districts and levels. Different styles surely compose the architecture of the planet.


I don’t try to make something as close as what you can see in the Star Wars movies. Actually, what I want to make could be any imaginary city. Could be Trantor of course. Could be Earth in few centuries. Well, I stick with Coruscant, it’s suits my other sets.


Once I made this MOOC – originally Madame Architect made it with only bricks from the A-Wing set – I realized that it needed some solidifications, I had to add extra bricks. I added an extra module and I’m even starting to build two more mini buildings. I just need to buy a big plate for the foundations of my city.

I’ll post the pictures of the add-ons on a regular basis on this thread.



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I know what model you're reffering to, and your version looks great, I must say. The great diversity of buildings (in such a small space!) give it a real city feel, although the buildings could be squashed together a bit more.

I also like what looks like walkways or landing platforms, so it's really stimulating imagination.

If you plan to take this further, be sure to make enough contrasting buildings, in shape and color, so that it doesn't become one big mess of bricks, but a descernable city.

Oh, and you know Trantor too! But to me, this is looking more like Dubai two hunderd years in the future...

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Thanks for the tips :-) My big concer is the scale of the buildings.

Anyway, my plan is to make a city with different kind of buildings, tall, huge, tiny, small, wide, to try to build different levels. With walkways between buildings like I saw in Canada, but way bigger of course.


I tried to build your Jedi Starfighter. Actually I did manage. But everytime I was touching it, I destroyed it :-( Anyway, as I wanted to build this city, I didn't try to improve it.


By the way, I'm not so good in creating something from scratch. I need a kick in my bottom to start something. So once I will finish my city, in few months or years, I presume the original MOOC I used will be gone, or may be I will only keep few parts and ideas. Who knows? But that's the principe of a MOOC isn't it? Always try to improve it. Brake it, build it again and better :D


A question. What everybody would advice me to do to keep trace of the building process? Back everything up on LDD, or the pictures would be enough?

One more thing :-)

I love Foundation. I did read it so many times. :-)

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