For Whom the Bells Toll

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Part 4:

Over the course of a couple days Wyndor and Steiner made their way through Nocturnus, dogging Black Spire Soldiers and those loyal to Lord Ssilyrrlith alike. Wyndor did not want to get involved in the civil war; he had enough to worry about as it was. They followed the rumors of Mitgardians seen moving, or being led, south to a church just south of Port Wrath.


“I do not like the look of this place Sir Wyndor,” Steiner said, “It has an evil air about it. **muttering under his breath: and I would rather not be here!**”

“Most of Nocturnus has an evil air about it Steiner,” Wyndor replied, “But that does not make everything here evil. You have to judge the heart to know if it is truly evil. Many of the people we’ve meet so far have been twisted, but not necessarily evil.”

As they approached the church they heard some chanting from inside.

“Quick Wyndor! I know that speech **muttering under his breath: and all it’s vileness**. It is the chanting of the Denizens of Darkness and no good can come of it!” Steiner yelled.


Wyndor was the first to reach the door and as he reached for the handle he was thrown back.


Steiner shouted: “Look out Wyndor! **muttering under his breath: mayhaps I should have said that earlier** These guards do not mean us well!”


Steiner and Wyndor made quick work of the Denizen guards and once more attempted to enter the church. The chanting reached a new level of intensity and the two Mitgardians heard a loud *pop*!

Steiner glanced up and said, “Quick friend, go stop whatever madness is happening inside, I’ll take care of this **muttering under his breath: that is, if I live through it**”


Wyndor didn’t take time to find out what had Steiner so worried, he just rushed towards the chanting.

“Foul beast, no matter what your heart might say I know you are up to no good and do not mean me well. Let us decide this here and now! **muttering under his breath: huyah!**” Steiner yelled.



Inside, Wyndor was reunited with his brother Natolyth. However, the reunion was not one Wyndor could have ever dreamed of. He saw his brother accompanied by a sorceress in the middle of an incantation.


“Cuiva nwalca carnirassë! Nai yarvaxëa rasselya taltuva ñotto-carinnar!” Edea chanted.


Wyndor tried to cut the sorceress down but Natolyth blocked his blow with his staff.


Wyndor thought to himself. “I don’t want to fight my own brother, but neither can I allow this spell to continue.”

“What madness has overtaken you?” Wyndor asked.

Natolyth just stared at him with a blank look in his eyes and began to attack.

Torn over what to do Wyndor continued to strike at his brother, always being careful not to harm him. He maneuvered the battle so that he was near Edea. Natolyth swung and Wyndor ducked and kicked, sending his brother flying across the floor. With his next breath Wyndor turned and stabbed at Edea.


At that moment she snapped out of what had seemed to be a trance and turned her staff on Wyndor. He found himself wrapped in flame, helpless to move.


The next thing he knew Edea was on the floor with Natolyth standing over her.


“I’ve wanted to do that for weeks.” Natolyth said. “This is Edea, a witch of the Denizens of Darkness, and I have been her slave against my will.”

Just then, Steiner stumbled in. “I’ve killed the monster! **muttering under his breath: that fould beast!**” He said, and then fell over. Blood pooled underneath him.


“He is grievously wounded!” Wyndor stated as he knelt next to Steiner.

“Here,” Said Natolyth, “Thanks to Edea’s control of my body and mind I know how to heal his wounds I think.” Before Wyndor could question his brother he began chanting: “Telin le thaed. Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad.”


As he finished chanting Steiner bolted straight up, the blood now gone from his side. “Woah!” He shouted. And with that Natolyth fell over, unconscious.

OoC: See bigger pictures on my Flickr Page

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More story :classic: I like where this is going, the interiors are well executed, specially the chandellar and windows.

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Thanks everyone! I'm much happier with this finished product as opposed to what I entered for the contest. This is probably my most detailed and largest build to date and I'm very pleased with it.

Ah great to see this with the interior. Did you change the railings on the top? Great story!

Yes, I didn't have time to make them into what I wanted the first time, so I did change them for the final version.

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Nice to see the interior as well :classic:

Good job with the lighting of the stained glass windows.

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Outstanding church design and great irregular baseplate! You're really getting into it MK and I like that a lot!

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Thank you kabel, I've really enjoyed getting into GoH. Such a great world you all have created and I'm glad to be a part of it now!

Edited by MKJoshA

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Wow, this is a great combination of quality storytelling, and some great scenes. As others have said, the effort put into the interiors really shows. Great work!

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Love the roof and statue. Interior is nice too. Did you listen to Metallica while building? :) Great work!

I actually got most of my inspiration from the various churches around downtown Chicago.

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Lovely build, and great story! The roof is fantastic, and the stained glass is great as well. Very nice interior work, the chandelier is great!

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