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The Revolutionary - Cities of the Westfolk

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Hello EB,

As planned, here is the second instalment in the Revolutionary series. Backstory first, followed by the pics:


Joash had to leave the valley. They hunted and killed his father. Now they were after him.

He wanted this to all go away. After all, he was just a normal, rather unremarkable person who went about his business.

Why were they looking for him? There was nothing special about him, right?

He left with nothing other than the clothes on his back and a few days worth of food and water.

Joash set off at dawn. His father's wish was for him to reach the great cities of the Westfolk, and he would honour that wish.

He was several days into his journey when he arrived at the easternmost regions of their lands. He imagined a country full of

towering cities, gilded with marble and gleaming in the sun. But the reality utterly shocked him.

Most of the cities were ruined, nameless piles of rubble that were the mark of a civilisation on the decline.

When Joash finally reached the inner area of the West-country, he found himself under the shadow of a city's ruins, but these

rose above him to heights of more than ten metres and were but whispers of how great it had once been. He wandered through

the maze of arches and rubble, hoping to find something, someone. But not a soul was in sight.

Joash was ready to forfeit his journey and hand himself over to whoever was hunting him. His father had meant for him to come here,

but why? Why here, of all places?

Then he heard a sound. A voice, as soft as a bird's warble but as cold as winter's chill.

"You are weary, Joash. What haunts you?" it whispered, barely audible.

As there was nothing else to do, Joash answered back: "They killed my father. Now they're coming for me."

"Your father has nothing to do with your troubles," the voice responded, louder this time.

"What's hunting me? Why?!" Joash was nearly screaming by now.

The voice sighed. "You are different, Joash. You are special. They see you as a threat. They want you dead."



The Revolutionary - The Cities of the Westfolk 1 by JoashColbat, on Flickr


The Revolutionary - The Cities of the Westfolk 2 by JoashColbat, on Flickr


The Revolutionary - The Cities of the Westfolk 3 by JoashColbat, on Flickr


The Revolutionary - The Cities of the Westfolk 4 by JoashColbat, on Flickr

That's all folks, thanks for getting this far without hitting the back button :laugh:. C&C welcome, as always. I hope to post the next part in the series by the end of the week.

Joash Colbat

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Great story, and nice vig to go with it!

Thanks mate! And in case you're wondering, when I finish the Revolutionary I'll join GoH.

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