[WIP] Ninjago Torso Decals

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I'm working on making replicas all four of the original Ninjago torsos. Lord Tyrus asked me to create these, and I thought others might be interested as well. So far, I have the white and the red:



And now also the blue one:


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Well, full disclosure, I'm using Photoshop. I use two different methods:

1) If I want a more thinly tapered look, like with the wrinkles at the bottom, I use the Pen tool to draw a curve twice as long as the line I want, then right-click and select 'Stroke Path', and make sure 'Simulate Pressure' is checked in the pop-up box. This draws a tapered line using the size and color of your Brush tool.

2) If I want a thicker taper, like the lines in the collar area, I'll do the same as method 1, except I don't check the 'Simulate Pressure' box. This gives me a straight, clean line, and I come back in with the Eraser tool and just erase bit by bit by hand until I get the look I want.

You could do method 2 easily in Paint by just drawing a line and then coming back and erasing along its length. A steady hand or a pen tablet are a big help, though :)

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Hello RealAnti, and welcome to Eurobricks and the MCW.

Since you are new here, I'd like to invite you to introduce yourself to our community in the Hello! my name is... section.

Moreover, I'd like to review some of the Site Guidelines you agreed with upon joining our forum:

English skills and Clarity: Try to be clear and precise when posting and use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. We do tolerate bad English as we are a site that welcomes users from all around the world, but we don't tolerate laziness. No l33t sp34k or "texting language". We don't criticize international users who are non-native English speakers, but are trying to post in English. You probably couldn't do as well in their language. Bear this in mind.

Finally, in order to keep the forum as fresh and easily readable for anyone, we invite our members to check the last post's date in a topic before replying. In this case, the last post was made 2&1/2 years ago. In similar situations, I'd suggest you to leave the older threads alone, and make your decal requests in the dedicated Decal Wish List topic pinned at the top of this same section.

I hope these info will help you have an enjoyable experience in our community, and look forward to your contributions. :classic:

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