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LAHT and Transporter

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Hi Sci-Fi forum!

This is my first Sci-Fi MOC and my first MOC involving Forced Perspective.

The Low-Altitude-Hover-Turret (LAHT) was created by accident. But after the blueprints were leaked, they popped up all over the place; in the hands of mercenaries, in armies, everywhere. They were weapons of massive destruction, with the same amount of firepower as an electromagnetic incendiary. And that's a lot of firepower.

When war broke out against the mech thingies (great massive beings that looked somewhat like Bionicles :laugh:), these weapons were used to devastating effect, able to vaporise whole city blocks.

The MOC:


LAHT and Transporter 1 by JoashColbat, on Flickr

Close up of the mech thingy. Its a mod of a Bionicles set I can't remember the name of.


LAHT and Transporter 2 by JoashColbat, on Flickr

The Transporter:


LAHT and Transporter 3 by JoashColbat, on Flickr

The LAHT itself:


LAHT and Transporter 13 by JoashColbat, on Flickr

Micro City under attack (aka my absolutely horrendous attempt at forced perspective :laugh: ):


LAHT and Transporter 8 by JoashColbat, on Flickr

The LAHT on the Transporter:


LAHT and Transporter 10 by JoashColbat, on Flickr

The missile launcher has a pretty self-explanatory lock that prevents it from angling up when not necessary. Lock in:


LAHT and Transporter 14 by JoashColbat, on Flickr

And lock out:


LAHT and Transporter 15 by JoashColbat, on Flickr

Thanks for viewing and dealing with my rather amateur skills :tongue:. C&C are welcome. More photos on my flickr:


Edited by Bob De Quatre

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I like the cannon on the transporter. :thumbup: It looks like there is no reason to be concerned about taking good photos. Maybe with a simple backdrop and some practice, you could be a pro LEGO photographer.

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