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Auto Transporter

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Hello, I want to show you my new home-made: auto transporter



Cabins open door. On the right side is the remote control mechanisms




On the left is the gas tank


Driver's time to get out and show the functionality



The remote control is simple. The first arm down rear ramp



Two other lever controls the front and rear pillars of the second level. It clearly falls to the ramp


The car can stop off at the second level


pick it up


Now another car can stop by the lower level


Raise the ramp and you can go


It is seen that the upper level is still a lot of places. All because there is space for two cars at once


Just transporter can carry smaller trucks


In comparison with autocart of 60060



Thanks for watching, I'll be waiting for your comments

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Nice work increasing the size and scale of the 60060! I like its more meatier design and looks like it could handle some proper lego vehicles.

How sturdy are your support props during transit? Is the top deck solid?

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This is a WAY better scale than the new LEGO one. It's actually BIGGER than the cars! Good work with the lift geometry, too. It seems to work very nice. :thumbup:

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For me, an auto transport truck was the holy grail of trucks, so I'm very pleased that LEGO finally made one, and it's pretty decent. That said, I hope they see yours and are inspired to give us a larger version capable of handling 6-wide vehicles, with adjustable decking and longer ramps. Great job all around. BTW, I like your tire indents to keep the cars from rolling. Simple but effective, and nicer looking than fire ladders. :)

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