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1989 USA Mail-order (Medium) Catalog for Download (more soon)

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I've been collecting LEGO toys since I was a young kid (I'm 30 now). I have often browsed many of these sites to find the lack of U.S. versions to many catalogs. I'm hoping I can fix that with this topic.

It's cool to see that the 1989 shop catalog premiered the actual release dates for 6 sets of the Pirates line. (August 1989). The four big sets weren't released until September 1, 1989 and were in stores. The only set I cannot find promoted in any official US media is the 6255 comic book. I personally forget when this came out but I remember passing it on when I was in Hills. Also, between the shop catalogs and the other 1990 one from Peeron, we now have official Lego descriptions for all the Pirate sets except the four big ones and the comic book. I haven't looked to see if the Bricks N Pieces Summer 1989 edition is similar to what the Lego catalogs printed in the US.

I do not have the full version to Brick Kicks Spring 1989, so I have no clue what the preview sets were. Bricks N Pieces of Spring 1989 revealed new Pirate club merch in the back of its issue so it is safe to assume that perhaps Brick Kicks done something Piratey in their Spring issue. But again with 8 pages and about 3 of them devoted to fan creations, it presents itself unlikely.

However, I do have and provided below the other 3 1989 issues. The Premiere issue for the Pirates line of Brick Kicks in the US is also Summer 1989. It wasn't as stunning as the British's equivalent but it did talk about the 1989 Toy Fair and show the Pirate displays (the theme was Pirates). There was also a fun one-page comic about finding Captain Red Beard's treasure by a maniac and thus not important to the Pirate storyline. The Fall 1989 issue presented the Pirates line as what's new in Lego stores on the back of the issue with the four main sets and the special Club offer which sold 6235 and 6245 as a combo pack, set 6200 for $6. The Winter issue provided nothing more but is presented because of the cool and easy holiday designs at the end you can do.

In case you're wondering why a newbie is all of a sudden providing items not found on the Internet, it's because I am in the process of making a fan tribute site to the original Pirates line and of course everything having to do with Lego Monsters. I recently mainatined the largest fan site for any medium and for any fan site for Mortal Kombat with a huge MK site about the movies, TV, etc. I grew tired of that site and so did my wallet. Since I have most of these sets and the fact I do not need to actually have these sets to archive them makes a mini-site like this easier for me. I would love any scans for anything I do not have or any knowledge anyone has of anything and of course would love to see my stuff on Peeron and even BrickLInk (the 6255 US comic book is not on there, even cataloged). I will also be selling a lot of these items (only the Brick Kicks and the Shop at Home catalogs will be costly since it cost me a good penny) so get with me if interested. More to come.

Have fun -

U.S. Shop at Home Catalogs:

1989 -

1990 Holiday -

U.S. Mail-Order / Medium Catalogs:

1989 Mail-order (medium) Catalog -

1990 Mail-order (medium) Catalog -

1991 Mail-order (medium) Catalog -

U.S. Brick Kicks Club Magazine:

Summer 1989:

Fall 1989:

Winter 1989:

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Welcome to the forum! This looks like a nice idea. Meanwhile, have you looked at the indeces and the review topics? I personally use them as reference for the years and sets.

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Sorry, not sorry to resurrect a dead thread - but did anybody happen to download these scans and can share them or re-upload them somewhere?


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