{LDD MOC} Cosmic Winger

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UPDATE: See real-life photos of this model in the next post.

I have been looking at the insectoid forces in sets 70700, 70701, and 70707 for a long time, imagining what it would be like if they were all combined into one large bug.

Before building the Cosmic Winger in real life, I decided to design it in LDD. I ended up using every single piece of each insectoid vehicle/creature in my combo model.

Click any picture for a larger picture.


cosmicwinger1.png_thumb.jpg cosmicwinger2.png_thumb.jpg cosmicwinger3.png_thumb.jpg cosmicwinger4.png_thumb.jpg

{ ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ }

cosmicwinger5.png_thumb.jpg cosmicwinger6.png_thumb.jpg cosmicwinger7.png_thumb.jpg cosmicwinger8.png_thumb.jpg

{ ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ }

{ LXF File } { Brickshelf Gallery }

The Cosmic Winger has 4 eyes, 4 mandibles, 2 guns beneath those mandibles, 4 wings, 12 legs, a buggoid pilot, and a crazy mosquitoid gunner wielding two blaster pistols. *huh* In addition, I have made a "stinger bomb" out of the pieces left over after building the Cosmic Winger itself (I hope to get got the jackhammer to fit more tightly in real life).

When I have time to build, I'll post pictures of the real thing, but if you have any suggestions for the digital model, I can make any necessary modifications before I build it.

Bugging Out,

-Toa Of Justice

EDIT: That big green thing in the back of the Cosmic Winger isn't a cocoon prison. Although it's shaped like one (and could technically fit a minifigure), it's actually the hyperdrive engine, with a thruster at the very end.

EDIT 2: See the next post for the real thing!

Edited by Bob De Quatre

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Oh great! Space bugs! Why does it always have to be space bugs?!

Great MOC! Definitely looks like a mutant swarmer. Very cool! Thanks for the LDD!

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Wow! That looks awesome. It's amazingly well designed and it's incredible that it uses every single part.


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