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Book II: Challenge 1 (Category A) Trickery

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Xaris Flamesword has never played by the rules. A former Avalonian who framed his brother for a murder he himself had committed, Xaris abandoned Avalonia at Lord Ravaage's call. A mercenary at heart, Xaris has gathered a band of other bandits and sellswords, 'the Order of the Dragon' and a Drow noble and his entourage, Lord Ravenshelm of Myreglen, to assist him. While travelling to rendezvous with his paymaster at the Obsidian Spike, his band were attacked by a huge tribe of Cyclopes. Knowing they could never defeat the Cyclopes in open combat, Xaris challenged Chieftan Kareketr to a duel to the death. If he won, the Cyclopes would retreat. Never being one to win by fair methods, Xaris concealed a number of Drow warriors, including Lord Ravenshelm, an expert shot, in an abandoned former outpost just south of the duel area. As Kareketr engaged the leader of the Order of the Dragons in battle, Ravenshelm loaded his crossbow, aimed...and fired.






Part B coming!

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Many ex Avalonians in sigfigs and in stories! We are a might Guild! :wink:

The moc looks really nice, the story is great!

Maybe add some more things on the grass to break it up? Stones, plates etc..

Keep it up! :classic:

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Well, I had the character for Xaris and the whole backstory planned out when I first joined (last summer?) and I was considering joining Avalonia, but decided to go with Mitgardia in the end...

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