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MOC: Avatar: The Legends of Aang and Korra

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It has been a while since I have last built anything… but let’s get started.


Out in the distance a mysterious creature is approaching at an alarming speed.


It’s a dark spirit and it appears to be quite angry.


Despite Korra’s best efforts her attacks do only seem to annoy the dark spirit, and she is soon cornered.


Fortunately Korra’s uncle Unalaq, the chief of the watertribes, knows a special waterbending technique that can tame this beast.


A better look at the dark spirit’s facial markings.


Unalaq is not the only new figure I have made. Here we have Unalaq and his children, Desna, a boy, and Eska, a girl. Who is who of the twins?


I have also made some figures of Tenzin’s siblings, Bumi and Kya. Here we have Aang and Katara’s 3 kids together.


And here we have the eccentric industrialist Varrick and his assistant and secretary Zhu Li.

As usual new ideas and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

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Thanks for the comment.

There will be spoilers for the second book of The Legend of Korra in my builds, so be warned.

I had some requests from another board, so here is some of what I have been working on.


Through the series we have learned about several of the past avatars, but how did it all start?


Through a spiritual journey to reconnect with the avatar spirit Korra learns how it all began. It all started 10000 years ago with Wan, the first avatar.


But how did Wan become the first avatar? It’s a bit of a long story, but things started escalating when he ran into two huge spirits who were in a destructive fight.


The white spirit, Raava, told Wan to go away and not interfere. The black spirit, Vaatu, asked for help to get away from Raava. Wan decides to help Vaatu.


Vaatu is freed and flies away into the distance. No good deed goes unpunished though, as Vaatu is the spirit of chaos and darkness and only seeks to destroy the world. Raava, the spirit of peace and light, unsurprisingly is quite angry at Wan for having unleashed Vaatu upon the world. Wan offers to help the weakened Raava defeat Vaatu at the next Harmonic Convergence and thus becomes her avatar.


A better look at the two spirits. Aside from the colors they are of identical build.


A better look at the new avatars that I have made. Avatar Roku, avatar Kyoshi, avatar Kuruk and avatar Yangchen.

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I really like the show, it would be great if TLG brought back the Avatar if only for just a few sets. Also I really like how the spirit's look, I haven't seen those episodes but they have an interestin shape and pattern. I'm sorry I don't like the look of home made figs but the clothings are very well done.

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Thanks for the comment.

The Avatar series really lack merchandising in general, which is a pity.

It’s nice to hear that you like the clothes of the figures, Csacsa234. The heads are probably a bit of an acquired taste. I originally tried emulating the style of the official Avatar figures, but since I couldn’t make the white of the eyes properly I scrapped that part of the design and just went with the colored parts. I have stuck with that style ever since for better or for worse. It’s always a little hard to get the faces right for me, be it because of smudges, bad pens, asymmetry, poor lighting or just my own incompetence or lack of skill.

Be warned the next thing is very spoiler heavy.

Time to address the rest of the request.


After having been imprisoned for 10000 years Vaatu is eager to take revenge on the human world. Since it was the avatar that imprisoned him Vaatu now seeks to take revenge on the humans with his very own Dark Avatar!


But the dark avatar is not just an ordinary human like Raava’s, the dark avatar is a hulking behemoth of a monster.


The dark avatar starts its rampage in Republic City….


… by literally tearing down the biggest symbol of the old avatar that exists.


The old avatar has fallen, Republic City is doomed!


A better look at the face of the dark avatar.


And a better look at Avatar Aang Memorial Island.

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Can't wait to see your version of Jinorra saving the world! Like how you did Vaatu, Raava, and the dark spirit!

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Sorry that it has been so long since I have last built anything, I have been rather busy lately. I have unfortunately not been able to address any of the requests yet; I’ll see what I can do about them. Thanks for the comments though.

But let’s continue from where I stopped last time:


Wait, what is this?


Say uncle!

Is seems like the old avatar still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Republic City might not be doomed after all.


But the dark avatar is not going to go down without a fight.


A better look of Korra’s cosmic energy powered form. My brother and I built this one together after he had gained some experience in building big articulated figures from his BattleMechs. Some influences on the design were 80’s G.I.Joe figures for the articulation and early in game models for Lara Croft in order to figure out how to try and render curvy figures with few polygons.


Korra is smiling to contrast with the angry looking dark avatar.


A comparison of the two giant avatars. Korra is much better articulated, nowhere near as top heavy, much better balanced and not as fragile as the dark avatar.

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AHH, I'd love to read this, but I haven't even had a chance to see the second season yet!! Still very cool (from what I could quickly and vaguely glance over ;D).

Edited by Jared

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Thanks for the comments. I hope that I won’t spoil the fun for the people who haven’t seen the latest season of Legend of Korra yet. I hear that some of the international premiers are on Febuary 19th.

Well, I have finally gotten around to addressing some of the requests, so let’s get started!

Let’s start with something related to the last few builds:


Despite her best efforts Korra hasn’t been able to defeat the dark avatar, and has been cornered by him. Just as the dark avatar is about to destroy her soul for all eternity a shimmer of light appears, Jinora has appeared to help Korra.


The dark avatar stops as a light suddenly starts growing deep inside Vaatu. Raava may not be gone for good after all…

And another request:


Early on while Wan was wandering across the world he came across a poor cat deer that had been caught in a hunter’s trap.


Pitying the poor anima Wan decided to free it.


The cat deer stayed with Wan and he named it Mula.

Another indirect request:


What a nice day. The cart is rolling along peacefully.


Oh no! The cart has hit a poor blind girl! Fortunately officer Wang Fire is already on the case.


Wang Fire does not want to drag this out, so instead of dragging the car’s owner to court he just has him pay the “compensation” right away.

And something I have wanted to make:


Ever wondered what happened to professor Zei after Wan Shi Tong made the library return to the spirit world? Well we recently got an answer to that question!


Uh….it didn’t end all that well for him…


A better look at the two new figures, professor Zei and the coach driver.

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Time to address the last of the requests I have gotten so far.

It was suggested that I should build Air Temple Island, but it is a little more than I can handle. But I will at least build a little part of it.


The Equalists have launched their final onslaught on Republic City, and a very important part of eradicating bending forever is capturing Air Temple Island.


Lin will do her best to protect the last airbenders from the Equalists no matter the cost. The kids must bring themselves to safety.


As the chief of police Lin is an experienced fighter and can take care of the Equalists with her earth and metalbending.


While the metal wires may be good for taking care of the normal chi blockes they are a bit too conductive to handle the lieutenant’s electrified kali sticks.


While Lin may have been defeated the battle is not over yet.


Jinora quickly proves that the lieutenant is no match for her airbending by hurling him over the nearest building.


Much to Lin’s surprise the kids are quite good at taking out the attacking Equalists.


A better look at the buildings.


The interior of the green house.


The interior of the house, with a few bedrooms and an office.

And time for another request.


And now for a quick look behind the scenes on the filming of another episode of the popular mover series “The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South”.


Nuktuk unfortunately has to leave his girlfriend Ginger behind in order to stop the evil Unalaq.


Bolin decides to ”improvise” a little, and steals a last farewell kiss from Ginger before leaving.


While Varric may be a little confused by the unscripted kiss he loves the idea.


Ginger not so much.


Bolin as Nuktuk, and Ginger as…uh… Ginger.


And a little posing for the promotional poster.

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I’ll start with some “accessories” for something I build earlier.


Despite everyone’s best efforts the Equalists managed to conquer Republic City, and to celebrate their victory they redecorated one of the city’s most prominent landmarks.


But people have not given up, and among the people who fight the Equalists we have General Iroh. When team avatar were destroying the Equalists airbase he managed to hijack a plane, and used it to shoot the other Equalists airplanes out of the sky. Unfortunately his plane was damaged and is now out of control and heading for the statue.


At the last moment General Iroh manages to jump out of the plane and grab a hold on one of the banners on the statue. The plane crashes straight into the statue’s mask.


The explosion causes the mask to come loose and fall of. The face of an old family friend greets they young general.


A better look at the mask.

Since I have had my laptop sent off for repairs I have had some slight problems with using reference pictures from the internet while I build, but thankfully I don’t need the internet for the comics.


The plan to remove the Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom after the end of the 100 year war has grinded to a halt and the conflict in Yu Dao, the oldest of the colonies, is reaching its boiling point. Earth Kingdom protestors, led by some of the remaining freedom fighters, want to take the job of removing the “Ash Makers” into their own hands.


But Aang and Katara will not allow this to happen.


But the battering ram was just a diversion.


Their defenses have been broken.


But the locals are not giving up without a fight. And Smellerbee is not happy to see that one of their own has switched sides to the other team.


A better look at the drill tank. I was never able to build The Drill, but at least I can build a drill that was made to break through a city wall. While it doesn’t show I the pictures the treads and the drill are linked, so the drill spins when the treads roll.

And from the second comic series:


While searching for what has become of Zuko’s mother Ursa, team avatar has learned that she might have disappeared in the Forgetful Valley. The Valley is home to a spirit which Aang is trying to contact for help.


The Mother of Faces rises out of the waters. She is willing to fulfill one wish, but only one, so they must choose carefully. Unfortunately there are two things they could use the spirit’s help for. One is the search for Ursa, but team avatar also met a couple of water tribe siblings who could use the spirit’s powers to restore a mysteriously disfigured face. The team agrees to help the siblings who have been looking for the spirit for years.


But before the team can state their selfless wish Azula interrupts with her own.


The new outfits I have made for Sokka and Azula.


The Mother of Faces on her own. It was a bit challenging to make her 6 faces.


And just for fun, a little ”family photo”.

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