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MOC: 4wide crash tenders

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Hello once again.

The fleet of the Farnheim airport fire services are also in need of a modernization. That's why I disassembled my old (less detailed and pretty simple looking) crash tenders to build two new ones by the end of 2013. These twins feature a reburfished high reach extendable Turret (HRET) and a front mounted combined water-foam cannon. Both MOCs also got a modified bi-color scheme to improve its visibly. The black colored cabin is inspired by Ziegler's Z6 and Z8 to get my trucks look more up to date.












Hope you like it (a bit) :wink:

Bye for now...

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I also love 4 wife and these quiet simply rock , awesome details , that official lego look that I love , I may even go far enough to say perfection

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So good to see some 4 wides again, Farnheim. I have never really decided on a size yet. I like the extra details on 6 wides, but the 4 wides are ... just more original. They don't dwarf buildings or compete with trains in size. And you can tell the difference between a car or a truck.

Your crash tenders show my point exactly. They don't look like small cars, just because they are 4 wide. And yet, you have managed to put in a lot of details. The robotic arms on top of the tenders are just great. And so are the pictures :wub:

EDIT: And ohhh... Those "red" wheels - even hidden behind black bricks, they bring up the memories :cry_happy:

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