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Tracks inside tires: possible planetary (and portal) hub idea

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With the hubless wheel post in the back of my mind and some 56x28 ZR Street tires on my table next to some old-style track links, something clicked in my head. 22 of the track links fit perfectly in the 56x28 tires. More interestingly, if you put 4L tiles or plates on alternating links, they also fit the inside of the Unimog tire. Of course you'll need more than 22 - probably between 40 and 50 - to fill the Unimog tire.


The tracks can be driven by spur gears, so you could make a planetary reduction hub which could also be a portal hub.

I don't plan to make any large trucks any time soon, but figured I'd post this in case it's useful to those who build trial trucks and other large vehicles.

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Awesome idea, which I might just steal :)

Please do! There may be other tires it works on as well, with or without plates of various lengths. I tried all the tires I have and these were the two that worked, but there are many tires I don't have - like the green ones you used on your recent monster.

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