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Hello all, my names Anton and im in need of some advice

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Hello fellow lego tinkerers

Well after about 12 or so years away from lego, with it all tucked neatly in the loft, ive now been given a reason to get it all down and start tinkering again.

About me: Well im currently going through the latter stages of my Commercial Pilot Training, and my hands on background is engineering, which mainly involved working on lawn mowers and motorcycles. Im a member of a model engineering society where ive built a few interesting versions of locomotives of the garden railway size (G Scale) and on the 5 inch gauge size (ride on). (got links to my youtube channel if anyone is interested (although being new here I dont want to start adding loads of non lego stuff yet as im not to sure what people get up to on here...)

Like all youngsters who are engineering minded or just generally see anything with wheels and a motor/engine, as something to take apart, modify and "make better", I have many so called toys which have been changed over the years, but to get to the point of why I am here and signed up to eurobricks, I have a particular RC 1:12 scale rc suzuki vitara that I blew the engine on a few years ago when I was messing around with Lithium batteries instead of alkaline or NiCad.

Now I couldnt bare to through it away as I frankly liked the look of it, and so I went around adding a newer bigger motor, (in the hope to make some sort of off road rock crawler type thing for a bit of fun in the mud and or snow when it does), but had now way of getting drive to the axles with where the motor was and through the existing gearing..

So the reason why Im here is that I started reconstructing the rear end out of lego as it was very easy to work with and had all the gears and chains etc that would work for me, which saved me having to go and buy a load of stuff as well......and also gave me my childhood back (a toy story moment really)

so here are the pictures and ill explain the advice I need after them.....











As you can see, ive made a sort of gearbox at the back and im using a lego 32 stud axle with a chain drive. Ive been comparing motors for this and had the idea of using my own motor, but then realised trying to make a lego adapter for the axle to go in was a pain and it could so easily ive been looking at the lego XL motor for this...if anyone could shed some light on it, as I just wanted as much torque and grunt as possible and speed (if I want it) can be achieved through gearing. I assume they are just normal can type DC motors although not sure why they have three wires coming from I just want to use the traditional 27mhz 2 channel receiver and speed controller and use my trusty acoms techniplus ill be using a metal gear micro servo for the front steering, and the lego rc gear that ive seen from YouTube vids seems very restrictive??

So to conclude, I would love some advice on how to mount the motor, and help with gearing as im sure there are parts that I havnt even thought of yet that would make this build easier

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Welcome to Eurobricks! Glad you could join!

Have you tried posting the creations on another lego website (for instance, Mocpages, flickr, brickshelf, etc), and copying the image address? Then, click the "image too" in the toolbox, and paste it there. Hope this helps, and welcome again!

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Thanks for that info, ive just signed up to brickshelf and ill add them shortly. Im not sure if the "hello section" is the correct section for my to be posting my build progress...but once ive figured out whats what, ill move it to the appropriate thread. Thanks once again


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