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LDD Concept art - Star Wars Advent Calendar 2014

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Hi to everyone,

After watching the star wars advent calendar reviews all over the internet, the idea came to design one on my own. Of course after xmas, it wouldn’t make any sense to make a day-by-day opening thread in January, but I didn’t want to wait until December since it’s so far away now!

Then I checked when the official Lego Star Wars Advent Calendars (AC) are officially introduced and I realized that at the end of January(!) there is a confirmation, and pictures are coming in February. So I didn’t had too much time after all, since I had a plan:

Make a prediction, how the AC in 2014 will look like.

In last year (2013 that is) I noticed that the AC was full of Ep. II builds. After making statistics about the 3 ACs so far it turned out that there are many Ep. I and II builds and some from Ep IV-VI, but out of the 72 “days” there was only one(!!) for Ep. III, namely Grievous' Starfighter.

So, it is time for an Episode III Advent!

I wanted to make the “TLG way”, brick countwise and by the used minifigs/microbuild ratio as well. So I’m terribly sorry, but there will be a battle droid and two weapon racks in it. But the good news are that you can expect a Santa fig and a “funny, christmasish star wars item” too.

So let’s see the pictures:


Microbuilds: Venator-class Star Destroyer, Invisible Hand, ARC-170, Droid tri-fighter


More microbuilds: Droid gunship, Jedi interceptor, Yoda's escape pod, V-wing fighter, Clone turbo tank


Even more microbuilds: Rudolph, the red-nosed AT-AT, AAT, Tie interceptor, Jabba's barge


Minifigs: Ewok, Wookie trooper, Santa Obi-Wan, MagnaGuard and a weapon rack for them


Minifigs: another droid, GH-7 medical droid, Imperial officer, Kashyyyk trooper, Commander Cody in Ep. III outfit and the 2nd weapon rack

Disclaimer: I tried to make everything as similar to existing minifigs/parts as possible, but some parts are not available/decalable in LDD.

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Just wow. I know how hard it is to make just one good microbuild, and you've made a ton of them! You really nailed a lot of ships, especially in the second picture. Others can use some improvement, although I wouldn't know how (like the tri fighter, the turbo tank...). Did you use existing pieces with the right colors only?

I guess that's just like the real AC, with it's strokes of genious and some less fine builds. Also, the minifigs are pretty wisely chosen. Some kind of never before appeared minifig would be nice, but of course you couldn't do that in LDD. For the rest, I think you've made a pretty good and plausible iteration of the AC. That deserves a lot of praise. I have the feeling most people don't really recognize the effort that so many micro builds require.

So... will you be doing something similar next year? You've got me excited! I'm curious you can come up with a worthy match of that red nosed ATAT (next time with horns?) !!!

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These look certainly fun & good designed!

If that would be next calendar, I would certainly buy it :)

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These are pretty fantastic, I've gotta say. Each of the builds looks like it had time and though put in, and the holiday themed ones are very funny.

My favorites are the ATAT, Barge, Venator, and TIE though as a great enthusiast of the Vwing, I have to give you credit for doing that ship as well.

Of the figs, the GH-7 turned out great, and of course, Santa ObiWan.

He will come down the chimney, spot a child and say, "These are not the presents you are looking for" they would repeat it back to him, dolefully head upstairs with a blank and slightly happy stare.

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