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"Dead Men Tell No Tales" Vignette Contest - Entries

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The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland has not only inspired a film series but entertained audiences audiences for decades, and will for many more to come. So to honour its brilliance I am holding a vignette contest based on the ride.


The Aim

- To create a vignette depicting a scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The Rules

- Maximum two contest entries per person, one depicting and grotto scene(s), and one depicting a sacking the town scene(s).

- Image size may be no larger than 320 x 240 (landscape or portrait).

- Any background image may be used for your scene including real models.

- File size may be no larger than 100 KB.

- All entries will be automaticly entered in 2 different categories, Build and accuracy.

Time Line

- Competition begins Monday 16th of April

- You have until Sunday April 22nd to enter your vignettes, after which this thread will be closed.

- Judging will be performed by Eurobricks members as a separate poll until Sunday April 29th.


Unfortunately, I cannot offer a prize except for winning but the winner will gain the respect and admiration of his or her building skills from the Eurobricks community.

For those who are not familiar with the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland should visit the Pictorial Synopsis Thread.

If you have any questions regarding this competition then ask them in the Contest Discussion thread.

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The competition has begun and the is thread open, so submit your entries!!!

The thread will close again on 22nd of April and judging will commence

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Here are my two entries: The abridged Grotto, and The Chase and Fire scene.

Here are the UPDATED AND RESIZED Grotto pics:

The overveiw:


The Catain's qaurters:


Dead Men's Cove:


The Treasure Room:


The Talking Skull:


Please exscuse the places where I ran out of blue plates :-$

Now the RESIZED Chase and Fire scenes:

A close up of one of the Chaser and Chasees:


The reversal of a rather overweight female chasing a not-so-desperate pirate:


The Pooped Pirate with his young qaurry poping out of the barrel:


The Fire scene:

The Pirate Minstrels:


The Hat Theif:


Drunks holding eachother for support:


The Pig Pirate (couldn't make any pigs |-/ in time) and a drunk on a lamppost:


The Hairy Leg Pirate and the other drunk on a lamppost:


Sorry about the bad pics, but I got a new pics, and I couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash. :-$

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Here are my two entries: the Cap'n's Quarters, and a town scene.

Town Scene: One of the most famous scenes: the pirates dunking the mayor, Carlos. Above, his wife tells him not to talk, so he gets dunked in the well. Also, a pirate is being chased by a broom-weilding lady. Overhead, a pirate drinks. I also added fire to the scene that really lights up! (see pictures)

An Overview:






Fire (lights up)


How the fire lights up:


So that is my entry #1, notice that the fire actually lights up via light brick from the 'dragon creator set'. I knew that peice would come in handy!

Entry #2 Captain's Quarters. Here, a boat would pass by the captain's room, with an elegantly beutiful bed, which is a little messy. The bed has a canopy, and there is also a red drape draped across the front. The captain has a very elegant chadelier overhead, above a dining table, with a golden plate. There is a table with books next to his bed, and hanging on the wall is a treasure map. There are also candles, both near the captains bed, and near the table.



In Bed:




In the dark:


Another Overview:


All the pictures , and more (and bigger pictures, too) can be found here!

Thanks for looking, and good luck to everyone! *sweet*

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A new member named Fat Tony has sent me the pictures of his masterful models!

The Jail Scene:


The Bateux at the jail scene:


Looks like one of the guests needs to be reminded there is no flash photagraphy :)

The Bateux approaching the treasure room:


The Bateux at the treasure room:


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I haven't had a lot of time for this but I quickly put something together...


This is all I've got so if it doesn't meet the requirements then don't use it because I'm not going to add more later.

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