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Macaw fortress

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Hi mates! it's been awhile... again (my bad :pir-look:)!

anyhow, I want to present my last MOC

with no further delay:

The Macaw Fortress

front side:


left side:


right side:




upper view:



the fortress is divided into "towers" o sections:

a-) the white tower: command center of the bluecoat government of "ultra mer"







b-) the yellow tower: barracks and deposit of the bluecoat army, also the entry and the dock of the fortress







c-) the black jail: judicial section of the fortress




the "under bridge": section of the fortress that has the practical objective to isolate the black jail and the white tower from the dock... it's necessary say that is well patrolled?




1 Commander

1 Admiral

1 General

3 Lieutenants

3 Sergeants

23 Corporals

2 Marines


12 cannons


Questions and comments are always welcome

Happy new brick!

Edited by Capt. Stabbin

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I like the tunnel connecting the two raised baseplates.

The large white tower is one of the nicer pieces about the fortress, the yellow section is far less however, there's little consistancy of used black between the yellow.

Other than that I think it fits well in between the classic pirate sets pirate_classic.gif .

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thanks all for the comments

I have to ask... from where you have taken that spiral stair?? (or how you have done it?) It looks really fine.

the stairs are from lego set 7783: The Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze's Invasion, but they doesn´t come in only on that set (13 sets just to be precise)

the formation are:

base: Tile, Modified 2 x 2 with Pin


center: Support 1 x 1 x 5 1/3 Spiral Staircase Axle


this axel will support only 8 spiral steps, so, I used a technic pin:


and a technic pin connector, to extend the stair:


This allow me to use 10 spiral stair steps:


for finish, and attach the stair to the roof/floor, I used another technic pin (3/4 this time),


and a Technic Plate 2 x 8 with 7 Holes


and that do the trick!

Edited by Brig. Brick

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I allways like to see a bluecoat fortress, thank you very much for that :) I just try to get this stairs.

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Wow! This us so inviting! Makes us want to be there in person. Fantastic set up. Nice color scheme on the exterior, too.

Reminds me of the pirate sets my son collected in the early Nineties. Thanks for sharing!

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Superb stuff - love the details on this, from the macaw flock and right down to the creme de menthe bottle at the admiral/governors table.

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Awesome! I love everything about this MOC you've put together. Especially the finer details - for me that's what makes the difference in a MOC.

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