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REVIEW: 70808 Super Cycle Chase


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SWAT vests. A beastly cop car. Another Emmet. Next up…


Set Title: Super Cycle Chase

Set #: 70808

Theme: The LEGO Movie

Pieces: 514

Minifigures: 5

Year of Release: 2014

Price at Release: USD 50

Browse the pictures? Flickr set


Thanks to LEGO for sending me these sets to review.

This was the first LEGO Movie set revealed way back when, and I think it left a lot of people scratching their heads. Of course the new minifigure accessories were awesome, but otherwise, this could've been a doosy. I didn't have much feeling for it going in. Could be great, could be dumb. Let's see…


The box gives you a nice view of the models, though the background is a bit drab. It's funny to see that stray flick-fire without showing you where it came from at all.


On the back it seems all of the minifigures have ditched their rides and prefer a chase on foot? Since that makes sense. The back also shows you that there aren't very many true features, but honestly when things roll, that's feature enough for me most of the time.


The top shows us our cast: Emmet, Wyldstyle, and three delicious Robo SWATs.



Inside are a few numbered bags with a surprisingly low amount of orange. The cycle looks pretty orange from the picture, but there's not much of it. The designer made a little orange go a long way. Instead there's a lot of grey and black.


There are two booklets and a pretty hefty sticker sheet. Sticker-haters will not at all be pleased, but I applied them all to stay true to the set.


I don't seem to have taken pictures of inside the instructions, but they're the boring blue color scheme and whatever. You get it.


If you had asked CloneyO which set in this wave had the best minifigures, he definitely would not have said this one. In fact, none of these minifigures are even exclusive, besides for one exclusive part: the special eye-piece attachment on one Robo SWAT.

But in actuality, these are a lot cooler than they seem. There are certain minifigures that, when they appear in a lot of sets, you roll your eyes (like Battle Droids). But these Robo SWAT guys are awesome and I would totally want to army build them (I already have a mini-army since there are a bunch of them across the wave). These ones especially look totally cool in the new vest piece.


Their torsos and legs are super-useful, and the heads are great too. Somehow I never realized before building the sets that Wyldstyle has a printed arm, which means her torso comes from… elsewhere and has the telltale markings on the hands and no printing on the neck. Oh, and Emmet is Emmet.


The backs of the vests are printed with the hilarious "Super Secret Police," which perhaps make them slightly less useful, but oh well. Wyldstyle's hood piece is neat.


The Robo SWAT get two of the neat new gun piece with different attachments, and a pair of handcuffs. Not bad.



In the build I came across a couple of interesting pieces that I haven't seen much before. There are also some of the new 1x2 slope pieces, which you can note on the finished things.



There are some nice leftovers. One can always use more cheese.



Let's start with perhaps the least interesting thing and go from there (this is also the build order). That would be this little roadblock device. LEGO has added chains to sets before to stop crooks (like in the Chase McCain set from CITY), but this time it's more of a play feature! Here it's all coiled up.


But (theoretically) flip the thing on the back, it uncoils! I say theoretically because if you coil it in a sloppy manner, as I did, it doesn't really work. If you manage to get it coiled tightly, it does work well. This is a fun one, when it works.



This thing actually looks awesome. Not a lot of orange pieces, but a lot of orange pop! There's something about it that makes it look really rough and fun. You don't want to mess with this bike.


Wyldstyle looks menacing on it from the front. Somehow it looks cohesive against all odds.


Each side has different stickers that look like cutoffs of something else. It adds to the feel that Wyldstyle assembled it out of other things, but unlike the saloon plane in Creative Ambush, this bike is subtle about it, so it doesn't turn out looking messy.



The big back wheel is an awesome construction. I haven't seen track used for this before. Something about the big back wheel reminded me of the Shredder Dragon Bike, or made me think of what the Dragon Bike could've been if it was a better set. This bike right here is how to do a weird motorcycle - the Dragon Bike, not so much.



This thing is a BEAST - and I love it. This car seems to growl at you, it's so tough-looking. It looks like it could smash through a building. It's a terrific car.


You don't want to see this car coming at you, because I think it'd run you down.


Looks like I didn't press the top of the car down very well in this one, but apart from that, the side view looks nice. It's not too stubby of a vehicle, nor too long. It seems just right. No doors sadly, but I suppose Robo SWAT can just climb through the ceiling.


I'm sure a big car like this is pretty terrible for the environment. Just look at all of those exhaust pipes! I love the ribbed pattern on the back.


The back opens up to reveal a very small compartment where you can stash some dynamite, or whatever you like.


The cab has plenty of room for more than one figure, and could easily be mod-ed to easily fit a few.


The only "play feature" is that the side foot stands lift up to reveal everybody's favorite-flick fires. Everybody especially loves flick-fires that are nearly innaccessible for flicking.


The car looks kind of interesting with the "wings" up, but really it's just better to forget about those flicky thingies.




Well, I'm sold. These vehicles are awesome, the Robo SWAT are great figures that you really can't get enough of, and Wyldstyle and Emmet are cool enough too (even in multiple). Parts-wise, there's a bunch to like, some new parts and the orange bits, which are more rare. Lots of nice slopes in the SWAT car too.

I still can't quite wrap my head around what costs $50 recently. The vehicles are kind of compact, even though they have a lot of parts, so it doesn't exactly feel like $50 when it's built. But it's a great set anyway, and I guess it adds up. If you like vehicles and/or police stuff, I'd definitely pick this up. I imagine more people might want the cool bike after seeing the movie as well.

Next up: the 2-in-1's in some order!

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Great review of a better-than-expected set! Love the vehicles, and the SWAT robots look great! The one visor piece... :wub:

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Great review for a great set! I love how Lego just added everything and didn't comprise on details to keep the price point decent. Hope these appear in the UK soon!

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I think this will be the best selling set from the wave. 2 awesome rides with the main characters and another 3 superb figures. I don't know who designed these Lego Movie vehicles but they have very big creativity, it's like a new era of Lego building. Thanks for the review Clone O'Patra!

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Huh. I had zero desire for this before reading.

That cop car is a BEAST, and I love the vehicles that use the tracks in interesting ways like this and the SW Tank Droid.

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I was iffy about this set, but seeing how spectacular that police car is sold it to me. I love the figures, though I do wish the vests didn't say "super secret" on them since it makes them harder to use elsewhere. Still, totally getting this one. Thanks for the review(s)!

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Out of all the sets from TheLegoMovie, this is by far my favourite.

Absolutely seconded!

Well, besides the LL929 maybe... :wub_drool:

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Glorious set - the car looks great on display and I'm very pleased with mine.

Shame the flick fires weren't swapped for the Star Wars new shooter bricks (although modification isn't hard). The car can fit two...just...but is have liked the seating arrangement to have been more natural

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wow - I didn't get into the movie sets but THIS black SWAT car was catching my eye. This is a perfect design! Who made it at LEGO? My fist guess is Mark Stafford.

Shit - this will be my first buy in 2014....oh wait ... still 1 hour left in 2013 ... so it will be the last set bought in 2013! :classic:

see ya!

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I am pretty sure this was on my list to buy before reading but this review nailed it as a serious must buy for me! About time I can amass an army of awesome robots too. :grin:

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Um, what? I'm not seeing it. :tongue:

The bike in Akira has brand labeling, much like any race car or bike. (Canon, Citizen, Shoei, Arai and some fakes) Not exactly random street signage.

Also, the Akira cycle is larger in front of the rider than in back.

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Even after the movie, I can't believe this set isn't getting much love.


It's a beautiful set. I think it has some faults, though. For its size, it's a bit light on play features. Its main minifigures, other than the dronelike Robo-SWAT, are available from several other sets. The Super Cycle, creative as it is, doesn't have the same level of humor as other "creative" models where it's readily apparent what they were built from.

My younger brother got this set and is reviewing it for Brickimedia. He seems to like it. My twin brother and I skipped it in favor of other sets like Cloud Cuckoo Palace and Lord Business's Evil Lair.

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