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Basement city layout, featuring Hogwarts Castle

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It's been a long time since we have uploaded a video of our lego city. This one features our Hogwarts Castle corner. Our castle is built from 5 lego hogwarts sets and the layout has a few additional Harry Potter accessory sets.

Please check it out on youtube at


I have a MOC womping willow on the layout with the HP Ford Anglia in its grips.

64 sq foot lego city layout with over 60,000 bricks. Included 5 lego Hogwarts sets, 4709 Hogwarts Castle, 4729

Dumbledore's Office, 4753

Sirius Black's Escape, 4755

Knight Bus, 4768

The Durmstrang Ship, 4842

Hogwarts Castle, 4841

Hogwarts Express, 4867

Hogwarts, 10132

Motorised Hogwarts Express, 10217

Diagon Alley, 4729

Dumbledore's Office, plus a bunch of modular buildings and trains. We have some other Harry Potter sets that we haven't found a way to integrate into the layout yet.

Our next video will feature the addition of another creator house and another modular building. Stay tuned.

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Great start! I see you've been browsing eBay a bit(Chilis/Taco Bell builds). I like the integration of the HP sets. The positioning of 10217 is pretty nice there. It looks slightly out of place among the Modulars, but the placement of the buildings like a little side street alcove is nice.

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yes the taco bell, chilli and baskin and robins are the perfect width for the mini city blocks to allow us to have two streets and rail lines in the depth of a 4 foot by 8 foot piece of plywood.

Diagon Alley will fit in a bit better once we buy some more sidewalk blocks to finish the street scape.

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